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PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship: 2x05, Achilles | The Last Ship
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Well, ladies and gentleman, The Last Ship is back for another round and it just keeps getting better.  I don't even make plans for Sunday nights because ... it's that good! Here is the recap for episode 5: Achilles.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

So, at the end of last week Patient Zero was getting ready to board the sub and we start at his entrance.  He meets Sean, the leader, and finds out that Sean has been finding all the immunes.  That's his word, not sure if that's real.

The Nathan James is looking for the sub but they can't find it which is scary.  Lt. Granderson asks the captain, "Are we hunting or evading it (the sub)?"  Chandler replies, "Both."  If only I'd known in this moment how intense thing s were going to get.

Patient Zero is on the sub complaining about The Nathan James and how they screwed him.  He's warning the immunes how dangerous Chandler is.  They seem shocked but then celebrate the challenge.  These dudes are so dumb.

XO Slattery heads down to interrogate the bad guy/survivor from last week on Solace.  The man tells Slattery the ship has no name and he had no idea the men were so bad.  He wants to exchange information for mercy from the Nathan James crew.

Up in the navigation room (I made that name up but it sounds official), they pick up a faint sound on the sonar and it's enough to find out that the ship is called the Achilles.  They know the Achilles is arming torpedoes and she's in shallow water.

The Achilles knows a ship is out there but they don't know who it is yet.  The Nathan James wants to see if they are being tracked.  Chandler has the ship change direction as a test.  It was so Captain Kirk like.  And it worked, Achilles made the same adjustment.  What do they do?

Slattery heads down to talk to the bad guy again and the survivor tells him that his old crew wants to sink the Nathan James.  Slattery goes back to Chandler to report the new info.  Can I just take this moment to say how great these two are together?  They have the perfect chemistry for their characters.  I give mad props to Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin because they're the next Kirk/Spock friendship.  Anyway, Chandler decides the best option it to go to Quiet 2, get behind something for cover and then fire on the Achilles.  It's chancy but good.  Quiet 2 means they go to 4 knots and no one can move or make sound on the ship.

Slattery brings the survivor up above deck and withholds water for information.  Baldwin's characters are always tough and very good in these roles.  The survivor starts puking up blood and they find out he has something inside him which the man says is a beacon to get the sub to find him.  Cue Rachel who is called in to cut him open and get it out.  She agrees after Slattery threatens to throw him overboard.  The survivor needs blood and guess who's a match?  Slattery!  It's a great moment.

Chandler decides to change the plan and send up the chopper for noise I assume and speed up to go into open water instead.  Achilles can't hear of the chopper so they go active, target the Nathan James and fire.  Nathan James shoots 3 torpedoes back!  We get such an intense set of scenes the sub and ship are dodging the oncoming torpedoes.  There is a moment where the Nathan James is bracing for impact but they are clear!  Yay!!!!  The problem is that the Achilles completely disappeared.

Achilles gets bumped around a bit in a cavern but they clear it.  Boo!  Also, Zero finds a paper with Dr. Hunter's location and knows that he's Rachel's mentor.

Rachel pulls the device out of the survivor and it's just a flash drive.  He doesn't make it either.  Slattery runs the flash drive to Chandler and it reveals all the lab locations.  Just as they make the discovery, missiles launch, 26 to be exact, at the labs.  It's the Achilles!  Nathan James sends up counter strikes as they get on the radios to warn the labs but they only take out 2 of the 26 missiles.  And they can't reach anyone in the labs.  Ugh!  This moment was so heart wrenching after all the hard work so far.

Rachel and Slattery discuss why the survivor (guess that game is no good now) isn't sick and she test his blood.  He's immune which means that is a lot more common then she'd thought.  If they're immune, they can make the cure themselves probably and they want to destroy anyone who threatens their potential for power.  Sick!

The Achilles crew is celebrating their victory of destroying the labs and one of the guys wants to know if they're going to chase the Nathan James and he says, "Next, we take America."

Where was Tex?  How much of a setback was this?  How much do we all love Slattery (I'm biased)!  What did y'all think of this super intense episode and what's next?


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