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The Last Ship 2x07, Alone And Unafraid

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
07/30/2015 11:24 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship 2x07, Alone And Unafraid | The Last Ship
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I paused my current binge of Pretty Little Liars, yes I am late to that party, to catch The Last Ship, episode 7.  I’m glad I did, because as always, it was hella good!

Ok, so....Spoilers!

Chandler wants to save the new President.  “One way or another, we’re getting our Commander in Chief out of here.”

Wolf is still on the outside, spying to find his crew.  Danny and Tex make contact with the ship.  Slattery wants an update and they admit that they are improvising.  Danny gives Slattery their coordinates, well a big window, so they can get the helicopter out to save them.

Ned tells Sean that they still have no communication with the sub.  He blames the Nathan James


but Sean says that it’s too late if something happened.

Slattery can’t launch the chopper in open water and the safest location is an hour away.  They have to go at Quiet 1 to make sure the sub has no clue what they’re doing.

Ravit plays nice with the bad guys, using flirtation.  Looks like we might be making a plan for escape.  Danny sneaks away from the loading area to get an idea of what these people might be up to.  He sees Patient Zero (the scientist).  Danny gets caught and covers, saying he had to relieve himself.

Chandler witnessed the President and thinks that he may be with them not trapped, as they originally thought.

The sub crew is sure the Nathan James got their comm system and doesn’t know where they might be.

Rachel got her machine up and running!!  She’s officially in testing mode with mice.  Will her powder form of the cure work?  The new cure just needs to be breathed in.

Danny tells Tex about seeing Patient Zero.  And Patient Zero may see them too.  Be careful, boys!  This undercover op is getting more and more dangerous!  The cult is continuing to celebrate the news of their new leader.  The Nathan James crew has planted the idea of a bomb to cause pandemonium.  Chandler has the package!  Good work,


all!  Side note:  that gray shirt on Chandler is still a major win.  Can he stay undercover every week?  And we’re back!  Sean thanks Chandler for helping the President and offers to help guard him.  Lucky for Tom, the President wants him at his side.  Chandler claims to be security, protecting pop stars.  “I was chosen,” he says to assure he would be picked.  Sean gives him a gun and he’s in!  Let’s do this!

The sub found the Nathan James and they want to fire.  Will they?

The Nathan James is still twenty minutes out and they’re worried about the sub.  One of the crew suggests getting Rachel off of the ship, but Slattery tells him that nothing good happened to the ones who weren’t on the ship.

Chandler is playing the President, feeding him with doubt.  They are going to get him a fresh breath of air.  Hopefully, everyone makes it where they’re supposed to at the right time.

Patient Zero has found a way to spread the virus without his presence and wants to test it on the kid.  Danny volunteers to take it to the kid.  They lie to Danny about the bear’s purpose.  I’m pretty sure Danny knows what’s up.

Rachel has a kink in her plan.  The cure loses potency once it gets a certain distance which means from a plane, it would be basically useless once it reached the ground.

Danny can’t find anyone to give the bear too.  Patient Zero recognizes Tex???  Be careful, Bae!  Oh God, he does!  Tex plays it totally cool.  He’s such a boss!

The Nathan James is six miles out from where they can send out the helicopter.

Danny found a young girl to give the bear.  He tells the goons to stay back.

Patient Zero knows who Tex is!  Tex threatens to tell the cult about how Zero started everything and he’s not chosen like they are.

Danny tells the girl to run.  The goons threaten him and he tells them they’re being played.  They attempt to shoot, but Danny can handle himself.  The rest of the group hears the gunfire and it starts a gunfire war with Tex.  Tex got Patient Zero and retrieves Danny!  Let’s hope this is the end of that bastard!

Back on the sub, they are watching the Nathan James.  The Nathan James has picked the sub up also and slows speed for

extraction mission.  But Slattery warns, “If they fire, we fire.”

Chandler is getting the President out of the building and hopefully into a chopper that’s ready to fly.  Things are pretty chaotic.  Woah!  There is a big fight in the kitchen!  Chandler has to get back with his team and with the President too!  Y’all, Ravit is a badass!  They got out, but my favorite shirt got ruined!

Sean gives the order to fire on the Nathan James once he realizes.  They’re only 300 yards from the location they need and the sub has them pinged!  Slattery just made them disappear and that sub is pissed.  The helicopter is launched!  The whole ground team is back together and waiting.  They also have Patient Zero.  Too bad they didn’t kill him.  Danny did destroy his evil bears, though.  They encounter more gunfire but the helicopter got them!

Danny brought one bear back to the ship for Rachel to analyze.  And Sean lost almost everything.

This show always ends with an awesome Chandler/Slattery scene.  They need to make the President show the country what they need him to show, not Sean’s vision.  “This country needs a leader almost as much as it needs the cure.”

What did y’all think?



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