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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Last Ship: 2x08, Safe Zone

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/10/2015 9:17 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship: 2x08, Safe Zone | Last Ship
Media Courtesy of TNT

This week's episode of The Last Ship got emotional with the Presidential storyline.

The new President is very against his stay on the Nathan James. Rachel is not so fond of having Patient Zero on board the ship.

Slattery knows that the crew won’t be swayed by a man who does not believe in their cause.  Chandler knows America needs a leader, but Slattery points out that, if he can’t get the first people he contacts on board, then it won’t work.

Slattery heads down to talk to the President.  The President explains that their kidnapping him could be punishable by death.  Slattery wants him to know that they rescued him and shows him a video of the Secretary of State, who was briefly the President.  She knew Rachel could make the cure and they brought it back.  Slattery has quite a few sources to show the new President that they are in the right.  Chandler is watching the whole time looking for a reaction to see if they’ve changed his mind.  Slattery reveals the attack on all the labs by the Immunes.

Slattery leaves him alone so the group can see what he does without being watched.  The President sits down as if he’s going to go through the information but puts in his own drive which is a video of Sean calling out to the Immunes.  What does it mean?

Slattery thinks the sub is more important than trying to turn the President to their side.  He thinks they should be grilling the President for intel instead.  Chandler goes in to talk to him.  The President reveals that the sub is near and will take them out.  The President doesn’t believe the Immunes have done anything wrong like Chandler has said.  He believes they’ve doctored everything. Chandler gives him an ultimatum.  If the President wants off the ship, Chandler needs to be convinced of the Ramsay (Immunes) cause.  The President tells the story of when the disease broke out and many died, including his family.  The President tells Chandler that the virus can’t be controlled by a cure and the Immunes are basically invincible.  Chandler pokes into why the Immunes want to go to New Orleans.  The President reveals that, since the events of Hurricane Katrina, it’s the best place to start the country over.

Chandler tells him the sub has gone west and Mr. President says that’s impossible; when asked why he could know that, he freezes up. Chandler reveals he’s not a prisoner.

Chandler plans to go out after the sub based on the information from the President.  They know the sub is damaged and plan to beat them to New Orleans.  Chandler tells the President about his family, his wife and where he found his father and children.  He needs the President to come to his side because the crew is wondering why he hasn’t been seen.  Chandler pours his heart out.  The President shares his own misery from losing them.  The President is holding something back.

A communication is found on FM airwaves from multiple sources claiming the Nathan James is lying about having the cure to the virus (they call it the Red Flu).  The woman’s voice instructs the people receiving the message that they must fight the Nathan James.  These people are crazy!

The President is losing it.  He’s hearing voices in his head and really feeling the pressure of whatever he’s hiding.  He must have bottled it up using the Immune’s cause but can’t anymore.

Chandler is reviewing The President’s files.  He found something and he needs to find the President.  OMG!  He slit his wrists!  Save him, Chandler!

Slattery doesn’t think his life is worth saving but Chandler knows that the President (his last name is Michener, btw) is the only way to convince anyone who's heard the broadcasts that the Nathan James is not bad.

They saved him!  Michener wakes up to Chandler, “That wasn’t a very smart thing you did.”  Chandler begins musing about why the President wanted to die by the disease when there were easier ways to die.  Chandler wants to know what he thinks he could’ve done. Chandler tells him he needs to let it go.  Michener had his song brought down against CDC protocols which caused more deaths than there could’ve been and the Immunes gave him an excuse, that it was all fate.  Chandler tells him that he can turn it all around by helping them.  Michener put his daughters out of their misery when they began showing symptoms because his wife asked him to.  One of the daughters woke up and struggled against him.  “How do I live with that?”  Chandler tells him that he’s killed too, and not always people who were deserving.  “Let this be your redemption,” Chandler says.

The President seems to be giving up information willingly and maybe turning to their side now.  Rachel shows Michener the bears that were being used to infect children.  He’s devastated by this revelation.  The crew in the meeting salute him for the first time. The room clears out leaving just Chandler and Michener.  Chandler assures him that everything they discussed is between them only. Chandler takes him to his new quarters.  They created a Presidential suite for him.  They salute each other after Micheren thanks Chandler and it got me all teary eyed.

What a great episode!


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