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The Last Ship: 02x09, Uneasy Lies Ahead

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/12/2015 5:41 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship: 02x09, Uneasy Lies Ahead | The Last Ship

Another strong night on The Last Ship!  Where is our season 3 renewal announcement?   Don't read on if you don't like spoilers.


Rachel doesn’t want anything to with Patient Zero (Niels) but if he can help, Chandler thinks it might be worth it.  Chandler visits the President to see if he is ready to meet the crew and the President is not quite ready.

Slattery is listening to New Orleans with Lt. Granderson and it would seem that it is a safe place.  But maybe they’re faking.

Rachel puts aside her ego and talks with Niels per his request.  She even complimented his work as elegant.  Niels claims his intention was never to spread it.  Rachel asks for his input on her research to make a powder form of the cure.

Tex is playing cards with Wolf and Ravit.  It looks like whoever loses the hand has to share a story.  It’s nice to see them bonding.

It is very weird to see Niels talking with Rachel on her work.  He suggests water which goes along with her thinking.  Mussels, water mussels seem to have a protein that could work.  Rachel makes a trip to see the Captain and the XO to request the muscles and it looks like we’re going fishing.

Chandler is sending a landing party to look for muscles.  This is definitely a change of pace for the show.  The President is taken to the cafeteria and Bacon is ready to make him anything.  He looks easily overwhelmed by the crew’s enthusiasm at having him on board.  He is clearly having a very hard time keeping it together.  He’s overwhelmed by the amount of people who know what they’re doing and are clear on their mission.  The crew believes in the President.

Rachel makes it clear to Niels his real purpose for her reaching out.  He claims to not really remember what happened.  Niels also zeros in on her lover.  He points out how she needs to be the smartest in the room and it would seem he knows how to get under her skin.

The ground crew lands and is immediately met by someone who doesn’t want to be found.  It’s not just one person but a whole group of young kids/teens who are not sick.  Their leader, Ray kind of looks like Joe Jonas.  “What did you mean when you said we’re worth more alive than dead?”

They round up the kids and bring Chandler out to meet them.  The kid’s a smartass.  Chandler tries to identify with the kid.  He seems a little more open and tells Chandler about his comic.  The whole group thinks their parents are dead and were all at camp abandoned by their counselors.  The kids were approached by the Immunes with the Navy lie.  Chandler offers to help them if they help find the Immunes.

The kids agree to help under the condition that Ray can fight with Chandler.  Chandler’s people don’t like this plan.  They have the mussels and don’t need to do this.  But the Captain makes the rules.

The President wants to see the mission first hand.  Is he being tricky and trying to escape with the Immunes?  I really hope not because he needs a new First Lady and I’ll sign on the dotted line!

The kid shows them a great spot where they will see the Immunes first and have the upper hand.  This is going to be crazy!  The kids want to join but Tex is not for that plan.  “Not a chance.”  The kids are loaded safely and the battle shall begin.

Rachel has figured out the virus must be hiding in Niel’s lungs and she knows he knows the sequence she needs.  Rachel reveals to Niels that she has figured it out but she wants to know if he’s lonely.  This convo took a strange turn.  Is she seducing him?  Gross!  Oh wow!  She almost kissed him and he spilled the secret she needed for the stabilizer sequence.  Rachel is brilliant!  More is going on in her head.

Ray signals with a flare which was not the plan.  Guess he’s out of the fight.  The attack has begun!  Our team is prepared though!  Back on the ship, they discover another kid stayed behind.  Uh oh!  Chandler can’t fight well distracted by the missing kids!  The ship is firing too!  Don’t bring a gun to a Navy ship fight!  The kid who stayed behind, Cody is dead.  And it was  trap.  Ray got the bastard!  The Nathan James has won this round but at a cost.

The ride back to the ship is sad.  Rachel got what she needed with the muscles.  Chandler checks in and he’s happy with her progress.

Ravit reveals how she thought this virus would unite the world but it changed nothing and it's the most emotion we’ve seen out of her.

Chandler speaks with the President about what they have learned about the Immunes.  The President is finally filling his shoes and the scene where he basically gives his first Presidential address gave me chills.  Damn, he’s phenomenal.  I’m sorry I thought he might be being shady.

Chandler helps the kid by showing him a potential new home.  Ray feels like Cody’s death was his responsible.  Cody is the kid who stayed behind and got killed.  “Being a leader isn’t about being perfect.  It’s about weathering the storm and carrying on,” Chandler says as his always inspirational self.

Rachel is being pretty cryptic with Niels.  She knows his lungs hold the key.  He had no idea what her plan is.  She tricked him with the IV medicine and he’s dying of the very virus he created.  Rachel killed Niels!  Gotta say, I ain’t sad.


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