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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Last Ship 2x10 Friendly Fire

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/18/2015 2:29 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship 2x10 Friendly Fire | Friendly Fire
Media Courtesy of TV Fanatic

Are we gonna get the sub tonight?  Find out by reading on!


Rachel has a haunted past and kind of a dumb dad.  I never mention this but the music on this show is on point!  Nathan James is on the way to New Orleans.  They just dropped off the kids.  XO Slattery just broke the news that Niels is dead.  He has his suspicions.

Chandler heads in to check on Rachel.  She seems fine.  She says she can continue her work without him and that she harvested his organs.

The ship has three Immunes on board being held hostage.  They won’t talk and they don’t eat.  Slattery brings the mystery phones.  No selfies?  Why do they have these phones?  Slattery splits them up to pit them against each other.

They’re hoping to cure everyone in New Orleans with Rachel's aerosol version of the cure - if she succeeds.  But she has moved on to another line of thinking.  She would rather make Niels Immunity contagious like the disease.  She’s haunted by her actions.

The crew that was close to the lab is being interrogated about Niel’s death.  Miller mentioned that the last IV was changed right before he collapsed.  The doctors each had a hand in that IV.

The lab is being shut down temporarily to investigate the death.  I know Chandler wants to do things by the book but he’s wasting valuable time.  Niels wasn’t worth all of this.  He was a bad man.

New Orleans was a success thanks to the President.  He needed a win!  I’m so happy for my new husband (lol)!  Ravit needs a shower in the boy bathroom, speaking of love connections.  Ravit wants to know where the sex happens on the ship.  Oh this is too good!  Oh, she’s a big tease and he’s so by the book!  “No sex on the Nathan James!”

The Immunes are using a game to communicate!  Haha!  It only needs bluetooth to work and has a range of about 90 yards.

“My XO tells me you’re the smart one,” Chandler opens.  “Yeah, I know stuff,” prisoner replies.  Seems legit.  Let’s talk phones.  The President offers a full pardon in exchange for some info.

Slattery is interrogating Rachel about this Niels ridiculousness.  Guess when there’s no sex on the ship, you have to bide your time somehow.

The IV bag is key but Chandler doesn’t need it to prove Rachel did something wrong.  But again, who cares?  One of the doctors figured out Rachel’s plan and he told her to do it now before they kick her out for the murder of Niels.  Rachel is doing speed science!  What is she injecting herself with?

These flashback scenes are super sad.  And this lady can’t explain away things but I see the point know. She needs to fight for what she believes is right.  Back in the present she doesn’t seem ok.

Rachel is pleading her case with Chandler.  She says she can cure the world and so can anyone she gives the new shot to.  But Chandler doesn’t care about that because she killed Niels.  Rachel confesses and things just got super tense.  Woah, she didn’t have to kill him to achieve this goal.  She chose to take him out.  “All I could think of was that he died to quickly,” Rachel confessed.  Saved by the bell.


Chandler fesses up to the President about Rachel and admits he doesn’t know what to do.  The President admits the right thing to do is never the popular thing to do.  They can see the President’s success right in front of their eyes.

OMG -  the Immunes blew it all up!  Code Red!!!!  My man needed this win!  The Nathan James is doing crafty maneuvers.  The sub is hiding under the wreckage and the Nathan James can’t fire because their ammo would take out the survivors.

I don’t know what Chandler was firing at but the Nathan James has been hit!  Keep everyone safe!  OMG!!! This is too much!!!

The ship seems to be ok.  Danny and Tex are staying out to save survivors but they are on their own.  Be careful, boys!

The sub hailed the Nathan James.  They are playing their big guns.  Star Trek reference ‘on screen.’  The sub made it look like the Nathan James took out everything!  This is so bad.

The lab is destroyed.  Rachel succeeded.  She made the cure into the common cold.  Chandler is pissed and she isn’t getting out of this easy.  Rachel is going to have a trial for what she’s done.  What a heartbreaking episode this has been!  Everything they worked for is in shambles.  They are now the bad guys with nothing to do to make it better.


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