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The Last Ship: 2x03, It's Not a Rumor

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
06/30/2015 12:25 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship:  2x03, It's Not a Rumor | The Last Ship

So, things start off hot on this week's The Last Ship with the discovery that patient zero isn't dead after all. Not only is he not dead, but he's spreading the disease left and right. We only see him a few times in the episode but the last time we see him, he's found a scary Walking Dead Governor type group.  We'll see a lot more of that next week, I think.

The crew of the Nathan James is formatting a plan to disburse the cure and go to the White House to find out what the plan was.  They get the hard drives they needed but they also find no survivors and the inside of the house looted and destroyed.  The scene was eery.  This show is amazing at depicting what the world could look like.

There is a scene for those who ship Rachel and Tex.  It's not much but he opens up to her and it's sweet.  He reveals that he left the ship to find his daughter but decided to come back.  Unfortunately, Rachel's heart is elsewhere as she has a man in China she's worried for, but someday.  Texchel.

Once they get back on the ship, Kara gets a promotion and they find some codes which give them locations.  The locations are labs around the U.S. working to make a cure but Chandler has the cure and if he can get it to these places, they can make more and save the world.  Chandler disburses groups to six labs via jet to get the cure rolling.  The rest of the crew, local to Norfolk where they've landed, go in teams to find their families, or try.   Each team takes the cure with them to start helping.

So, our first reunion and only one we see is Kara who heads out with Danny, her 'baby daddy'.  She finds her Mom's home empty but a note that she left for the bowling alley.  Yes, you read that wright.  The bowling alley is a safe zone.  Kara goes there and finds her Mom and it's beautiful!  Kara decides to keep the baby and her relationship a secret because she's afraid she might want to stay.  No worries though because Mom's know all and she sends Kara away to save the world anyway.

Captain Chandler watches as his kids fish with his Dad and bond with our dearly departed Quincy's family.  Chandler battles through the whole episode whether to stay with his family or finish the mission.  He goes home with his Dad and his kids and feels the loss of his wife.  He decides he needs to stay and he's already told some of his crew they can stay too.  Chandler's daughter is not pleased with him though saying, "Mom wouldn't have wanted you to come home before completing the mission."  That doesn't quite drive it home for Chandler but his Dad is there with some words of wisdom.  He ends his pep talk with a poignant thought, "You're Noah and that ship is your ark."  Captain Chandler goes back to the ship.

Alisha Granderson spends most of the episode unresponsive letting the weight of what her Mom did hold her back.  Finally, Chandler steps in and promotes her to full Lieutenant.  And her best friend Kara, who she thought hated her, swore her in.

Two of our favorite crew members don't find their families, one who never will.  XO Mike Slattery doesn't find anything but a place where his family was and he steals the scene with his emotions.  Adam Baldwin is a genius.  He contemplates leaving too and even leaves a letter for the Captain.  However, he also needs to finish his mission and it leads to my favorite scene of the night.  Chandler and Slattery standing on the deck revealing how they both wanted to stay.  Slattery has a realization, "I could've had my first command?"  It was sweet.  Those two have a NAVY level bromance going!

What will happen next week on The Last Ship?  Join me to find out!


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