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'Last Week Tonight' Slams Fox News Over Migrant Crisis

Ashley Perna | PopWrapped Author

Ashley Perna

09/30/2015 2:33 pm
PopWrapped | Politics
'Last Week Tonight' Slams Fox News Over Migrant Crisis | migrant crisis
Media Courtesy of Sidereel

Last Week Tonight returned Sunday night hot off their recent Emmy win for Outstanding Interactive Program with a brand new episode.

Host John Oliver began by speaking of the Pope's visit, before moving on to a significantly more scandalous story coming out of the U.K. For those unaware, an unauthorized biography of the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, was released this week. There is an allegation that when younger, Cameron "inserted a private part of his anatomy" into the mouth of a deceased pig.  Oliver played a series of clips in which daytime television personalities tried to discuss the scandal without using rude or crass language, to comical effect. Viewers were then invited to help the British media discuss the scandal by using the hashtag #RespectfulInterspeciesFaceFuck. 

The main topic of the evening was the migrant crisis facing Europe, the largest since the end of World War II. Oliver pointed out that the numbers are so huge it's hard to wrap your head around them, and that when numbers are this large, it can be easy to dehumanize that population. He proved his point by highlighting the comments of "noted alleged swine fellatio enthusiast David Cameron" referring to the number of refugees as a "swarm". Oliver illustrated how language matters, and how the word "swarm" insinuates something to be feared by comparing the phrase "a lot of kittens" to the phrase "a swarm of kittens".

Oliver also called out the U.S. media for reinforcing the stereotype that all migrants are potential terrorists. He highlighted Fox News in particular for using a five year old video from France and calling it a "recent' example of the number of Muslim migrants, while implying that they are potential terrorists. 

A number of European countries, such as Hungry, Netherlands, and Denmark have transparently shut their doors to migrants, and other countries have adopted prejudicial immigration policies despite research that indicates that accepting migrants actually does more good than harm. One study indicated that immigration benefited local populations 19 times out of 20, "a success rate matched only by bacon and Paul Rudd". 

Oliver closed the segment by suggesting that countries worry more about the actual downside to turning people away. He pointed out that "the fact that it's so hard is not a reason to do less, it's a reason to do more" before suggesting what "more" countries can do. Expediting refugee applications, funding the UN Refugee Agency, and "simply not kicking them when they're moving around" are all things countries could do to help make things better.

In true Last Week Tonight fashion, they show ended something to make things better, if only a little bit, for Noujain Mustaffa, a young refugee whose story they highlighted throughout the show.

Watch the segment below. 

Last Week Tonight will return next Sunday (October 4) at 11:00 p.m. on HBO.


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