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Last Week's Parenthood Was All About "The M Word"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/06/2013 10:02 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Last Week's Parenthood Was All About
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

If there's one thing we've learned about the Braverman family, it's that they do just about everything together. They prove that once again by continuing to support Kristina with her campaign for mayor. They all go door to door, trying to convince people to vote for her, which mainly consist of getting turned down with doors slammed in their face. The campaign is starting to come down to the wire, and Kristina is throwing herself into it, as the debate is quickly approaching. Adam helps her sign and stuff letters to send out, and Heather is at her side running over the topics and possible questions that could be asked while up against Bob Little. It's time to get down to business. But, when Heather suggests bringing Max's situation into the mix, Kristina shoots it down. She just wants to stay on topic and focus on the education system, even though Heather thinks that's a mistake. Finally, the big day arrives, and honestly, the first bit of the debate is a bit uncomfortable to watch as Kristina keeps getting stomped over when questions are being fired away and she tries to speak up. But, that all changes when a parent comes up to ask a question about the public school system in relation to her daughter, who is deaf, Kristina finds the courage to say exactly what she needs to to help her out. Even cutting off Bob Little. You go, girl, it's your time to shine! She tells her that she will fight personally for her child and runs down from the stage to give the woman her phone number, saying if she needs anything, she's more than happy to help. The next morning, Max shows Kristina the newspaper and is so impressed by the fact that she won the debate and pulled herself up from the race, when it looked absolutely impossible (and he reminded her of that several times the night before). "You're a statistical anomaly!" Max declares, as they all laugh and celebrate that Kristina still has a good shot to win this thing. I know if Kristina was running where I lived, I'd definitely be giving her my vote; she cares about the people. Crosby and Jasmine start to realize that they're going to need a more "family friendly" car, so it's a little easier on everyone. They decide to go car shopping (although, Crosby has another, uh, creative name for it). But, the couple seems to have different tastes in that department. Jasmine wants to buy a mini van, but Crosby wants something a bit cooler, and who can blame him? He has a point when he says he works with musicians. It would kind of ruin the image he's going for. But, the van comes to the rescue when Crosby and the Ashes of Rome band guys get a little drunk. Crosby calls Jasmine to pick all of them up. By the end of the episode, he admits, "If I have to own a mini van with anyone, I'm glad it's with you." Sarah has just made some sort of egg dish when Amber comes over and is certainly chipper as she opens the door. Amber seems to think it's a little strange, but moves right along to cover the more pressing issues at hand. She, once again, brings up the fact that they still aren't seeing eye to eye on her and Ryan getting married, and the two continue to go back and forth about their opinions on the whole situation. Sarah doesn't think that Amber should go through with it, but continues to tell her that she will support her no matter what. She doesn't have to agree with her decision, she can do whatever she wants in the long run. That blows up into a big fight and Amber storms out. I think Amber has to realize where Sarah is coming from; she doesn't know Ryan quite like Amber does, and it's going to take time for her to just be okay with it all. Later on, she's telling Ryan about the argument and Ryan suggests that they should just elope, to eliminate the complications for now, and that when Sarah eventually gets on board with it, then they can throw a big party to celebrate. Amber visits Drew at school and starts to tell him about these new plans that she has and they're planning on eloping. She tells him that he's her best friend and she wants him there, which he is fine with, until she explains that the rest of their family, including their mom won't be there, because she doesn't support the marriage. He says he's not okay with it, because their mom would be devastated if she found out about that. That upsets Amber, and she walks out. It seems that she does that a lot in this episode. Camille and Sarah have a heart to heart over Amber's decision to get married, and Camille compares the situation to Sarah and Seth's marriage; how they warned her not to get married, but she went off and did it anyway. Sarah tries to deny the fact that it was anything like that, but the facts are there. Camille said she wished they had said nothing when Sarah came to them, because as a result, they ended up losing her for a couple years. "You're gonna have to get out of her way," she advises Sarah, and she starts to come to terms on what she has to do. Sarah shows up at Amber's place early in the morning and says, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," as they both fight tears back. She tells her that her and Ryan are not her and Seth. She tells her that she believes in her, trusts her and wants to plan the wedding together. I'm so glad it seems that they're both on the same page now. I mean, what kind of event would it be without this mother/daughter duo doing it side by side? Zeke finally agrees to check out some condos, since that's what Camille wants and has been hinting around at. As they look around, though, Camille can tell that Zeke isn't enjoying it. I have to say, we have to give him props for trying. He tries to add a fire pit to spruce the place up their own place a bit and to add to the new contemporary lifestyle, most likely hoping it will change Camille's mind about wanting to move. Camille tells him that she turned the condos down with the real estate agent and announces that her art class is going to Italy and she'll be going alone. Before Zeke has a chance to say anything back, Camille turns around and walks inside, leaving him to really start wondering what's going on. As for things with Joel and Julia, it appears to be that things are still a bit rocky at the beginning, at least from where Julia is standing. Joel is still busy with work; having to bolt early from their door to door campaign to make phone calls and making sure he meets deadlines. Julia and the kids finish alone, and, as luck would have it, they end up at Ed's house. He invites them in for a bit. So, while the kids play with his daughter, him and Julia bond over their former careers and how they miss it all the time. Ed makes dinner for everyone when Victor says he's getting hungry, so they all eat around the table like a big, happy family, until Ed's wife gets home and they all awkwardly get up to leave, though everyone isn't finished. Unknown to them, Joel has prepared a big meal at home for them when they get back, and apologizes to Julia about all the time he has been spending at work. "I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing without you...So, thank you." No matter how long it takes, I have faith that the Bravermans will always work everything out and come together as a team. They love each other, and at the end of the day, that's what it all comes down to. Quotes to Remember: "I'm not you. You can make any choice you want, and I support you, I absolutely support you. I don't have to agree with you." ~Sarah "Not saying I'm gonna like it, but we'll look at a condo..." ~Zeke "I'm not gonna go drive this thing...What if someone sees me?" ~Crosby "I wanna be your husband so badly, let's just eliminate all the complications." ~Ryan "You lie to your therapist?" ~Julia "Oh yeah, all the time- I don't want him to think I'm a jerk." ~Ed "I promised everyone a vending machine...and so I won." ~Max "I trust you. I believe in you. Can we please do this together?" ~Sarah


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