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Exclusive: Lauren Carnahan Releases Unbreakable EP And Talks Balancing Music With School

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/25/2016 8:36 am
Exclusive: Lauren Carnahan Releases Unbreakable EP And Talks Balancing Music With School | Lauren Carnahan
Media Courtesy of Lauren Carnahan

Lauren Carnahan is a young singer who recently graduated from high school while touring to perform her music for fans and preparing to release an amazing EP called Unbreakable.  If that doesn't make you feel like you can do more with your day, then I don't know what could.  Carnahan is outstanding and clearly very driven by her goals to own the music industry and share her music with her adoring fans.  She released a video of her EP release party which shows just how much she cares about both her music and her fans.  Take a look below and then check out our chat with this stunning artist!

PopWrapped:  First of all, let us say that we are so impressed that you wrote this EP, toured and graduated high school at the same time.   How did you do it all?

Lauren Carnahan:  It definitely wasn't easy. It was a lot of late nights and early mornings. But it's what I love so I wouldn't have changed a second of it.

PW:  You clearly have a lot of passion for you music, what drives you?  Who inspired you to want to write music and perform?

LC:  I love music. And I love so many different kinds of music. Anytime I hear a song I love I immediately think, "wow I wish I wrote that." That really is what drives me to keep writing. I'm always trying to outdo what I've done before. This industry is one big classroom so I'm always learning and and being inspired by artists that I love and songs I hear on the radio.

PW:  Do you have a favorite song to perform or one that crowds really get crazy for?

LC:  My favorite song to perform is my song, "Life of the Party." It's one of those songs that even if you haven't heard it before, you end up singing along before it's over. I love interacting with the crowd and that song gives me a huge opportunity to do that and see everyone smiling and waving their hands. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that sight.

PW:  Your voice is stunning, what's your regimen to keep it healthy while you're doing so much? 

LC:  SO MUCH WATER. I drink 80 ounces of water a day. It's so important to stay hydrated. Another thing I do is warm up every day. I try to do  15 to 30 minutes of different warm ups. I've also taken voice lessons for several years where I've learned all about healthy placement and how to sing with ease and not push myself. I honestly don't remember the last time I lost my voice. I strongly encourage other singers to take vocal training or at least warm up before they sing. It makes a world of a difference.

PW:  How are the fans?  Do you enjoy stopping and chatting with them and hearing how they enjoy your music?  Do you have a favorite fan encounter?

LC:  I love my fans. I have a few inside jokes with them, which I think is adorable. They've tried to come up with a nickname for themselves. The last one I heard was the Carnies which is so cute. I think the number one thing is to make them feel like they are all my friends. I love it when it's a fan's birthday, and I tweet them and they get so happy. That's all I want to do. I want to make them happy. Most of my fans are in their teens to mid 20s and that's the time in your life when you're the most vulnerable and the most insecure so it's my goal to keep them positive and let them know over and over again how beautiful they are. My favorite interaction I've had with a fan is when I spot out the wallflower that isn't really one of the crowd and you can tell is very shy. I always like to go over  to that person and start talking to them and act goofy until they feel comfortable and confident.

PW:  Every song sounded really great, are you planning a tour? 

LC:  I think touring is my favorite thing to do. I absolutely love going new places and exploring so I definitely think some sort of tour should come in the near future.

Big thanks to Lauren Carnahan for taking the time to answer our questions. Keep up to date with future releases from Lauren by following her at her website and on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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