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Television PopWrapped | Television

We Learn About "The Mysteries Of The Red Runaway" On This Week's The Mysteries Of Laura

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/24/2014 3:40 pm
PopWrapped | Television
We Learn About
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Missed last night's episode of The Mysteries of Laura? No worries! I have everything that went down and we learned about the costs of looking fabulous with this week's recap. The episode starts off with Laura and Billy at the crime scene of shooting victim, Tyler Cole who they think is a professional dog walker. They rule out a robbery seeing as how the shooter didn’t take his wallet. Billy and Laura are at Tyler’s apartment when they learn that he was a fashion designer. His roommate comes home and tells them that they never saw each other because they were so involved in their professional lives. He tells them that Tyler never knew his dad; his mom died, and he didn’t really have friends. Tyler was an intern for fashion designer, Tom Burke. When they go see Burke at his office, Burke says that Tyler kept to himself and was always about his work. He said that Tyler was walking his dog because he was too busy and Tyler offered. As Burke is getting ready to leave, he puts on a coat exactly like the one Tyler was shot in. Laura tells him that they can’t let him leave because they think he was the intended target. They bring Burke back to the station to question why someone would want to kill him. Tom confesses that his business is like a rollercoaster, but has been doing very well recently. He mentions that he dropped a model named Natalie Marquez, who is known to be a violent model with held a grudge. Other than that he couldn't think of why anyone would want to kill him. Laura and a very excited Billy go to a fashion show to see Natalie. Questioning her they discover that she is not surprised that someone tried to kill Burke, but is confused on what took them so long to do it. Burke was paranoid about people stealing his ideas and also hated the word ‘fabulous’ and would let anyone drink brown liquids around his designs.  She mentions a fashion designer named Allison Torres and after a blowout Burke refused to give her the promised Oscar gowns for her clients. Laura goes through Natalie’s phone and sees that she was sleeping when someone tried to kill Tom, which gives her a sound alibi. Laura gets a text that her babysitter got food poisoning, from her salmon surprise and has to take the twins the their after school activities. Just a word to the wise, any food dish with the word ‘surprise’ in it should not be eaten. Max is struggling to say goodbye to the latte machine, that the precinct is being forced to get rid of. Jake asks Max to get him a copy of the precinct budget and this request seems to create a problem, that only Max knows about. Jake covers for Laura and goes with Billy to see Allison. She is very open about her hate for him. Using words like, “betrayed me,” “closure,” and “humiliated me,” Billy calls her out on the fact that Tom broke up with her. In the middle of their questioning a man starts running away and when they catch him they find the same gun used to kill Tyler, but the suspect says he was at the gun range. Yea…okay. Jake talks to Tom and tells him that they have Allison’s bodyguard. They ask Tom to cancel his charity event because if Alison is a potential suspect then anyone on the guest list could be a suspect. Tom insists on having the event, which forces them to order a protective detail. Laura volunteers herself and Billy because she wants to scope out the suspects and there will be free food. #Priorities. Max finally brings Jake the budget and he learns (via Meredith) that Max started working at the precinct 8 months and 3 weeks ago. Turns out Max is not in the precinct budget and when Jake asks Laura about it she says that it was a clerical error. Tom goes to pick Laura up for the charity fundraiser and as he expects Laura is not dressed for a fashion event. Cue the montage to the tunes of “Pumpin Blood.” Laura looks gorgeous in a red gown, so beautiful in fact that Jealous Jake makes an appearance to remind Tom that this is strictly work related. Regular women accessorize with a jewelry, but not Laura. She wears a gun strapped to her thigh. At the station, Max is cleaning out his desk because he doesn’t want to be escorted out of the building. He tells Meredith that he has a secret and gives her a letter to give to Laura. He gives her more letters and none of them are for her. He tries to tell her that she is just so approachable and leaves after giving her a hug. Laura and Tom arrive at the event, where she meets Gabriella Luca. She is the co-chair of his anti-counterfeiting campaign. Later that night, Gabriella goes to talk to Laura as she is stuffing her face with food. They share food out of a $12,000 handbag. Taking a closer look, Gabriella says that the hand stitching on the inside shows that it is the work of a craftsman. Gabriella says that she would be wrong to think of Tom as a long-term prospect because, “the greedy bastard is never satisfied.” Tom, Laura, and Billy are outside and Laura asks if he has anything else to tell them. Tom is in the middle of telling them that he can’t stop thinking about Tyler when he is shot. Jake joins Laura and Billy at the crime scene where Allison Torres is also there crying over Tom. Jake sends Laura home and suspends her for one day because she hired Max as an unpaid intern. Laura walks into the station with brand new and clean clothes she got from the fashion show. She storms into Jake’s office and tells him that she hired Max because the precinct was going through a hiring freeze when he came in saying that he would work for free, as long as he doesn’t handle firearms. She gave him a few research jobs and he knocked them out of the park. She also tells Jake that she did a thorough background check and that he better not think about firing Max. But you can’t fire someone who works for free, right? After learning that the bag Tyler had in his apartment is a counterfeit, based on the stitching, Meredith goes to the guy selling the counterfeits and pretends to be a customer. She pulls out her badge and when he tries to run away, but Billy is right there waiting. He tells him who and where his supplier is. When they visit the sweatshop, they find Tyler’s drawings. Back at the station, Jake and Billy are questioning Tom. They tell him that are getting a warrant to raid the sweatshop and show him the drawings. Tom is still confused, which leads to Billy telling Tom that the counterfeiters were knocking off his bags before they hit the runway and they think that Tyler was working from the inside. They think that Tyler got in with some bad people and was the intended victim. All of the detectives are surrounding a computer looking at surveillance footage of potential shooters that were around the area of the shooting. They hurry to the sweatshop, but when they get there everything has been cleaned out. Jake calls Laura to warn her to be on the lookout for a shooter. Laura and Billy go to see Gabriella and question her about the counterfeits. Laura notices that Gabriella because she remembered that she told her she eats when she’s nervous. As they’re leaving, Laura points out Gabriella is receiving shipments.—even though the calendar said they weren’t supposed to—and one of the workers is the same guy that was at the sweatshop making Tom Burke knock-offs. Max runs a trace on the funds on the factory and discover that Tom Burke was receiving $250,000 in his account every month. Laura goes to Tom’s runway show confronts him about how he has been counterfeiting his own designs to make more money. She says that he killed Tyler because Tyler was upset when Tom stole his design and had it counterfeited. When Tom and Gabriela are brought into the station they both confess to killing Tyler and staging Tom’s shooting. I guess it's true what they say... fashion kills. Get it? Never mind. What did you think of this week's episode?

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