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Television PopWrapped | Television

Leonard Gets Hot Under The Collar In The Latest Episode Of The Big Bang Theory

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/15/2013 4:37 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Leonard Gets Hot Under The Collar In The Latest Episode Of The Big Bang Theory
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Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

In this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, we were reunited with a familiar face, that of Lucy, Raj’s ex-girlfriend who dumped him in the season six finale. In terms of action, this week was perhaps a little tame compared to previous weeks; however we do see a shirtless Leonard…more than once, so you know, just a normal episode of TBBT. In ‘The Itchy Brain Simulation,’ Sheldon hopes to teach Leonard a lesson about why he’s so irritable when it comes to certain things. We see Sheldon tell Leonard that he’s finally decided what he wants to use his arcade tickets on, three years later. Leonard goes to find them and comes back with a box full of things, including: an itchy sweater Leonard’s Aunt made him whilst he was at college, and a DVD that was supposed to be returned seven years ago. Leonard tells Sheldon not to freak out about it. Sheldon comes up with an idea. As a way to make Leonard realise how irritating it is when things like this happen, he suggests that Leonard wears the itchy sweater until the situation is resolved, i.e. the DVD is returned to the store, in order to metaphorically feel his ‘itchy brain’ pain. Sheldon informs Leonard that the store closed years ago, so he’ll have to track down the owner of the store and return the DVD. Leonard pursues the owner, only to find that he has now died. He thinks the hunt is finally over, but then Howard suggests he try and find the next of kin. In pain due to a developing rash from the itchy jumper, but not giving in due to principle; Leonard informs Sheldon that there is no next of kin, he went to the church and found out that no one attended the man’s funeral. The next thing to do would be to travel to Armenia or Lebanon to try and trace relatives – this does not happen as Sheldon informs (a very blotchy) Leonard that he paid the fee for the DVD years ago, but he wanted to use this as an example to show Leonard how it feels. Amy calls Sheldon out and tells him his plan was ‘diabolical.’ As mentioned earlier, Kate Micucci featured in the episode, reprising the role of her alter-ego, Lucy. It all starts when Amy and Bernadette are at The Cheesecake Factory, whilst Penny is still working. Amy spots Raj’s ex-girlfriend, Lucy, sitting at a table on her own. Penny decides to go over and confront her about dumping Raj over email. We don’t see the whole incident, however Bernadette makes a comment about Lucy running off and crying. The ladies discuss how Raj will react when he finds out Penny has been meddling. When he does find out, he is mad, but then Lucy texts him saying they should meet up for a coffee, so then he thanks Penny. At dinner with Howard and Bernadette, Raj asks them what he should and shouldn’t say to Lucy when he meets up with her. At the coffee shop; Raj seems to be getting on well with a more confident-looking Lucy. It’s not all great for unlucky-in-love Raj, as Lucy tells him she’s now seeing someone new. Raj then gets mad at Penny again for getting his hopes up; she then sets him up with a girl from The Cheesecake Factory, which, as I’m pretty sure you already know, doesn’t end well. The episode ends with a “what is wrong with you” montage including Raj, Penny and Cheesecake Factory girl. Again, another great episode of The Big Bang Theory, not my personal favourite of this season, but nonetheless still a very good, entertaining episode. No joke, I am sympathetically itching right now! Next Week: “The Thanksgiving Decoupling” – is it me or does that title not sound promising for our three power-couples? Highlights: - Leonard’s sweater from his Aunt with ‘Lenny’ sewn on it - “How those nipples feeling, chief?” – Sheldon to Leonard -  Amy filling her own drink up over the bar -  “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, PENNY? YOU RUINED ANY CHANCE I HAD OF GETTING BACK WITH LUCY. NOW SHE KNOWS I’M A DESPERATE MESS INSTEAD OF JUST BEING PRETTY SURE [Gets text message]…It’s from Lucy, she wants to meet for coffee…I LOVE YOU PENNY!” – Raj - “Can I show an oil painting I made of us, surrounded by children and grandchildren” – Raj talking to       Bernadette about Lucy - Sheldon’s joke squirt flower – I called it, I knew that was the reason he wanted people to smell it so badly! - “Do you have any idea what it’s like to wait for years and never know if you’re finally gonna get satisfaction” – Sheldon to Amy - The ‘what is wrong with you’ montage at the end


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