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Let's Have A Ball…A Glitter Ball On This Week's RuPaul's Drag Race

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/30/2014 3:17 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Let's Have A Ball…A Glitter Ball On This Week's RuPaul's Drag Race
Media Courtesy of flavorwire

Boxxa Vine

Staff Writer


Everybody loves puppets…almost as much as Bianca loves reading people.  But, alas after using puppets to throw shade our "queen of mean" Bianca Del Rio loses the mini challenge to BenDeLaCreme.  Onto the main challenge: a three part challenge ending with a glitter extravaganza.  Round one is "Banjee Girl Bling", round two is "Platinum Card Executive Realness", and round 3 is "Dripping in Jewels Eleganza"…oh and add in an opening number last minute.  Let's go right into the runway. Adore Delano: The clear under dog this episode Adore has a breakdown in front of RuPaul over her lack of skills with a needle and it looks like this might be another sewing flop for her.  On the runway, she channels her natural star power and delivers the best banjo girl out of any of the girls right off.  Her executive brings power bitch to the stage and her last look, while not exactly a look for a ball; bring out a diamond-ballerina –punk-princess that is adored by the judges.  Ranking: Winner. BenDeLaCreme: Known for having her own distinct personal style and skill with a glue gun and sense of desperation I actually pegged DeLa to take this week by storm.  After bring more Broadway then banjo the first round and then bringing a more costume look then executive look to the second round it looked very bleak for DeLa.  Bringing what most people have said the best look of the third round, she was harped on by the judges about her personal style and costuming.  Ranking: Bottom two. Bianca Del Rio: The true costumer of this season she's the easy pick for a winner this week, but lately Bianca has been pegged for wearing the same dress in different colors every week.  Banjee becomes her as she mixes her own sense of style and the theme into a more uptown banjo then stomps the runways with her natural bitch face brining forth her executive realtor look to the stage.  The final round we see something we've seen before, Bianca in a fitted dress with a scooped neckline.  It's not bad, it's not amazing, it's just Bianca. Ranking: Safe. Courtney Act: Known for beauty and body, I expected a lot less for Courtney this week, less clothes that is.  Her first look was more Avril Lavigne punk pop then banjee girl and her executive look is chic and perfect fitting to her body.  I'm amazed about what Santino said about Courtney's look…the king of reading poor hem lines and simple looks he sided with her dripping in rubies look. Her makeup was literally a face full of glitter and her costume was literally a stoned bra and a draped piece of fabric.  Ranking: Low. Darienne Lake: Banjee girl in a bodysuit.  Business woman in yoga pants.  Jewels sagging down her crotch.  I don't have many words for her overall performance besides the fact that she really didn't score points with me in any of her looks. Hearing her talk about what she was going for and what I was seeing on the runway I saw pure disconnect and overall slapped together performance.  However, she did kill the opening number. Ranking: Bottom two. Lip Sync: Down to Darienne and DeLa we get a rousing performance of Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" and a boat load of emotions from both of them.  Take a glance down to my point system to see why I'm so upset about this elimination. Adore Delano: 29 + 5 (WIN) = 34 BenDeLaCreme: 32 + 1 (ELIM) = 33 Bianca Del Rio: 38 + 3 (SAFE) = 41 Courtney Act: 31 + 2 (LOW) = 33 Darienne Lake: 25 + 2 (BTM 2) = 27 Elimination: DeLa has been a front runner since the beginning and recently the past few weeks have been neck and neck with Bianca for each weeks main challenge win. Coming off all of that we see DeLa with a much higher score then Darienne but is still sent home.  We say goodbye to an extremely talented queen and looking at the scores, I'm sorry but Darienne doe not hold a chance at making the top 3 and I do believe the wrong person was sent home.

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