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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Let's "Liv and Let Clive" On This Week's iZombie

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

04/08/2015 3:03 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Media Courtesy of CW

Note to self: Zombie sex is a thing.

Anyways, it looks like Blaine met his match. Remember Jackie? If not, she was turned into a living undead a few episodes back. They're a thing apparently.

If that's awkward, imagine entering your ex's house with the intent of trying to make amends to see him in a towel. Oh yeah, then seeing his newest bae appear out of nowhere, too, AND just happens to be wearing his shirt, AND drinking from her favorite coffee mug. Friendzoned.

Times like these call for vent sessions with Dr. Ravi.

On this week's victim, the victim may have been 'kicked to death', was part of an Asian gang for 5 -7 years, and had his molars and fingers cut off, making it difficult to identify him until Clive stops by; the victim is named Sammy Wong, and from Liv's latest vision, he and Clive got some history together. Regardless, brains taste like brains no matter where you came from.

Once again, times like these call for more vent sessions with Dr. Ravi. It's important to notice that she's even more paranoid/anxious now, with a side of jumping to conclusions. While this is a possible side-effect of her latest lunch, in my opinion, she's revealing the typical 'I'm-not-over-you-yet' feels that mostly everyone has felt at least once.

Who names a place Meat Cute? Either way, this seems to be Blaine's headquarters. He's got some dumb thugs, too.

Liv stops by at Vice, Clive's former workplace, in order to dig up some news on Sammy Wong, but instead finds out more on Clive. He was suspended, and no one really cared when he left for Homicide.

Oh yeah, did I tell you that more vent sessions are needed with Dr. Ravi?

So, the duo head off to check out a Hong Kong video store to investigate. I'm not sure why I'm having fits of giggles right now, but it's either: Liv acting like a slut or Dr. Ravi's reaction towards Liv acting like a slut OR how he covers for her. It's all three, really. I love how well they work together. He soon wanders off into the adult section, soon to be followed by Liv. Inside, there's a poster-like image on the wall of a cobra, which happened to be the tattoo located on Sammy's arm. Liv quickly gets a vision and sees another Asian get tortured with wasabi (that shit is dangerous), and that Clive was wrong (or should I say, Wong? Nah.) for accusing Ray. Before the duo can leave, A.J. appears and he's into white girls. Things get weird really fast, and they leave, however, Clive enters the store when they were a safe distance away, making Liv freak out some more.

In another part of town, Clive's 'pizza boys' are thinking of starting up their own business. Some brainy business, that is. They head straight for Jackie.

Clive was bound to find out that Liv's been working undercover sometime. Luckily, he only knows that she was talking to his former partner. He reveals that Sammy was in the Federal Protection Program.

Thanks to Liv, Dr. Ravi might be staying with Major until he brings up his need for a large amount of noise, which caused a slight amout of discomfort for Major. They eventually bond over Diablo III (HELL YES!). "He had me at 4k Ultra HDTV."

As for the A.J. guy, he turns out to be the head of the Blue Cobras. His father was formerly the head before he was put away. This was five months ago. In addition, Sammy was moved to Albuquerque thanks to the FBI five months ago.

If a girl you know says "fine", do NOT believe her. As a female myself, I know this all too well. Back to iZombie, Liv pulls the "fine" card, and attempted to place a tracking device underneath Clive's car. She doesn't go through with it after noticing an Asian guy from the video store watching her. In a panic, she tries to make her escape, but ends up colliding with someone's cart. As she laid there, she sees Sammy receiving a 'Boot party' from A.J. as he said that Ray was a cop. Also, she's got some new powers: Kung Fu. Eventually, she confesses to Clive that she's been hiding some secrets. In response, he tells her that Ray was his actual partner in Operation: Blue Cobra, and sets off to go rescue his pal. Even with her newfound abilities, Clive doesn't allow her to join him.

Meanwhile, Blaine's trying out a new dish his chef came up with until his two thugs came back. He lets them try out the dish just before shooting them in the head, and quickly replaces them with two new thugs. There goes their small business. It's pretty obvious who revealed their secret, fyi.

Just when things seen to be resolved, A.J. attacks Liv at her home, thinking she's Ray's partner-in-crime. Little does he know that she's acquired some self-defense moves, and that he's not his partner. She doesn't go full out until he decides to attack her brother. With those abilities, I can see why she feels like she can take out Batman with a spiral notebook, and a student ID card.

Watch out, Batman, Liv's coming out for you.

The detective and her share, I guess, a bonding moment (they really needed that to rebuild that trust). He shares with her that he lost a year of his life working undercover. He got in so deep that no one wanted to work with him anymore, including Ray. For her, she apologizes to him, and plans on telling him everything next time around.

In other news, Ravi is getting along extremely well with Major, and things are looking positive for Liv. Not only did she finally get Sammy's brains out of her system, she's looking forward to starting over. Kind of.

Guess who Blaine got in his lil' meat place? The kid with the American Flag sneakers. Poor Jerome.

How did you feel about this week's episode, Popwrappers? Stay tuned for more iZombie!

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