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Editorial: How A Loud And Proud Liberal Is Preparing For A Donald Trump Presidency

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/21/2016 2:14 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Editorial: How A Loud And Proud Liberal Is Preparing For A Donald Trump Presidency | Trump
Media Courtesy of CNN

The Republican National Convention has come to an end, and Donald Trump is officially the 2016 republican presidential candidate.

Let that marinate for a moment.

Donald Trump. The man that wants to ban and murder Muslims, charge abortion doctors with murder, build a wall to keep out all of the rapists and criminals Mexico is sending us, and wishes he could have sex with his daughter, were it not for those pesky incest laws. Who has never uttered a true fact in his entire life, other than when expressing how great he is (because he truly believes that). Who believes that political correctness is a barrier, rather than a device to encourage civility and respect. 

He has chosen Mike Pence, the (now former) Governor of Indiana as his running mate. Mike Pence. The man that has forced Indiana into the dark recesses of the past, with the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, a religious freedom bill that allowed open discrimination and who has openly and proudly claimed that he is a Christian first, and a conservative second.

A man who would love to turn our country into a religious theocracy, spitting in the face of the very reason the forefathers he and his comrades and supporters hold so dear fled their home countries and settled in America. They didn't decide to take a casual, three-month boat trip for an ocean adventure; they were escaping a religious tyrant. 

The hypocrisy and vitriol we've all witnessed over the past few years has culminated in the form of a Trump/Pence ticket. This is real life; there is no longer any hope that we'll wake up one morning and this will have all been the longest, most damaging episode of Punk'd ever. Come November, Donald Trump and Mike Pence will stand as a united front for the entire world to see and vie to become the leaders of the Free World. And the world will know, once and for all, that the United States of America is finally, fully broken.

At this point, I'm ready for it. 

Let me explain. 

Yes, I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. No, him not getting the nomination does not mean that I have decided to throw my support behind Trump in (idiotic) protest against Hillary. I support Hillary fully at this point, and do not want Trump to win. She may not have been my first choice, but she is fierce, brilliant and capable. She would make a fine leader. 

I was recently gathered with some loved ones and heard, "No I don't like Donald at all, but he'll get my vote. He's got to be better than her." This moment will now be known as my final breaking point. 

This sentiment is exactly how we got into this situation in the first place.

The party of "good ol' boys" sat idly by and watched as the Tea Party formed and took power. They watched as Sarah Palin was thrust upon us and threw their resources into helping her and John McCain gain the White House. They watched as this grassroots movement turned their party into a mockery filled with fear-mongering, bigotry and willful, prideful ignorance. They watched as their peers demeaned people and reveled in petty, hateful name-calling under the guise of celebration of the first amendment and political incorrectness. They watched as these backwoods sycophants touted scripture as law and sparked a war on minorities, sexuality and women's health and reproduction. They chose to stomp their feet like little children because they didn't get their way rather than work with the President and their democratic peers.

We need a working democracy. We need a congress that will work across party lines and do what they've been elected, and are paid very well, to do. We need there to be nine Supreme Court Justices. Democrat, republican or otherwise, it is in every American's best interest to have a functioning government. Period.

And now, the right has chosen Donald Trump as the face of their final push of rebellion, and because of that, they will implode from the inside out.

Democrats, you're not innocent in this outcome, either. Sitting on your asses on election day because "neither candidate is any good," or "voting doesn't matter anyway" means that we've let these maniacs take our positions of power. We have also failed in our civic duty, make no mistake about it. We are great at talking the talk, but have failed miserably at walking the walk lately. Woman up and do your part.

I backed Bernie because I was ready for a political revolution; one that I did not think I would get with Hillary as POTUS. But now, I've realized that we may still get it, just in a completely different form. The GOP is on the verge of utter destruction. Yes, if Trump takes the White House, everyone will suffer. But time is finite, and in four (or God forbid, eight) years we will begin to rebuild. 

I understand why people feel as though the two-party system is broken, but it's not even really technically a two-party system. We have enforced these boundaries upon ourselves. Jill Stein (Green) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian) have surged in the polls recently, but come November, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the President of the United States of America. That is simply the reality of the situation.

Until a few weeks ago, no one knew who Stein or Johnson were. One cannot simply decide all of a sudden that they want to be President and just shove their way in. To be a successful candidate, you need to have something backing you up. It needs to either be political experience and acumen, or flashy sensationalism. 

I know this argument has been bandied about a lot with cavalier remarks from many Bernie supporters; but as I've said earlier, I now support Hillary fully. This isn't me being bitter than my man lost. But my fresh outcome may very well be my own personal dark side rearing its ugly head. I am human, and watching people I love suffer oppression, violence and humiliation has taken its toll on me. I am sick of the bullies in Washington deciding that their own best interests should be prioritized over that of the good of the people they were elected to represent, on the right AND the left. I believe it is time for the responsible parties to reap what they have sown and face the music. It is comprised heavily of TRUMPets. 

Maybe this new outlook on life seems extreme, even harsh, and perhaps it is. But the tension is thick right right now and it is only a matter of time before it becomes too much and the tenuous tightrope we've all been walking snaps. I'm not a girl that likes to wait around and wait for the shoe to drop.

Or maybe this is just a defense mechanism to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for what may still be to come.  

If November results with Trump in the White House, we will watch those who put him there march beside him into the bowels of the hell they've created together. From the ashes will rise a newly rejuvenated Republican Party. One that will remember what being a conservative really means and that will work to right the wrongs done to the nation they love. 

Together, we will work to bring America back to her former glory and restore her to the greatness she has known since her inception. Greatness that will be built and nurtured in respect, cooperation and love, rather than loud gesticulating from a cowardly, small mouthpiece born from the fear of the small-minded. 


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