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What It's Like In Ferguson Right Now, From An Actual Resident

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

11/25/2014 10:55 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
What It's Like In Ferguson Right Now, From An Actual Resident | Ferguson
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In light of the recent announcement of Darren Wilson’s innocence, I thought everyone might want to know what it’s like to live in St. Louis, near Ferguson, right now. Scary. As you can imagine. Let me tell you what it was like leading up to the decision before I tell you what it’s like now. Before, stores were boarding up their windows, using spray paint to indicate if their business was open or not. Many stores hired armed security, as did some apartment complexes in the surrounding areas. Stores have been taking ammo and firearms off the shelves. I was even afraid to go to work sometimes (getting off work late, walking to my car alone) because I was on edge waiting for the decision, as most of us have been for almost two weeks. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve been double and triple-checking my door locks at night (I don’t live too far from the looting). Currently, everything is much worse. I’m staying far enough away from the protests and whatnot, but nothing is off limits it seems. Even almost forty miles from the looting (did not stay at home last night, in order to try to protect myself), I’ve seen rumors that there was looting going on at the gas station 300 yards from my home. I am following live coverage of what the looters and terrorists are doing to the city in order to keep myself updated. All the buildings on W. Florissant were on fire. An Advanced Auto Parts, O’Reilly’s, Little Caesars, a Walgreens, and many more had been set on fire and/or looted last night. Keeping up with all the information and trusting that what they’re telling me is correct, the Police aren’t doing too good of a job controlling it. They’re apparently focusing in one area and leaving other places on their own. There were over 80 school closings last night and today. There’s been many people who’ve abandoned their media equipment and have simply tried to flee the scene. The airport is closed, leading many people, including me, to wonder if my family flying in for the holiday will be able to make it. (There has been no news stating this, simply an act of wonderment). The police have used tear gas as a subsequent attempt to disperse the crowd, after the smoke did not work. It seems like there’s seven cities outside of St. Louis where riots are occurring. This is definitely one of the scariest times I’ve had to deal with. Stay safe everyone.

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