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Television / Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

Who is 'Lily' in this Week's Once Upon A Time

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

05/03/2015 11:28 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Who is 'Lily' in this Week's Once Upon A Time | Once Upon A Time
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Before we start, let me say this: holy crap. You'll see why soon. The show starts off with the apprentice talking to a blue wisp of smoke. He's concerned about the fates of the two girls he had to 'intervene' with thanks to the Author. Back to modern day Storybrooke, Gold and the Author bury Cruella de Vil as Emma watches from a far distance. Later that day, Emma's at Granny's with the crew (Henry, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, and Hook) trying to convince them that she's not turning dark. Yeah, yeah, say that all you want, Emma. Suddenly, Maleficent enters seeking to work with them since Gold obviously isn't. In exchange for her siding with them, she wants Emma to search for her daughter, Lilith a.k.a. Lily, who just happened to be the only friend Emma made when she was younger. The past sure comes back to bite, no? Speaking of the past, we all know that the savior has already pushed her away before, and she does so again. In this week's flashback, a young Emma believes she's found her 'home' in Mankato, Minnesota. Things were doing well until her former BFF arrives asking for help. Apparently, she and her boyfriend have been on the a bad way; they had robbed a store earlier that day. Emma's father at the time invites her to dinner. This doesn't look good. Things become worse when Lily not only lies to Emma's foster family about their past, but also when Lily steals the vacation money from said foster family, too. Not only that, Emma decides to leave that family when she finds out about their true feelings concerning her coming into their family. Poor Emma. In addition, the Magician's apprentice appears to Lily, explaining to her why she is the person she is today. Back at Storybrooke, Regina asks for Emma's help on her personal mission to New York; not only that, Emma's on the search for Lily, too, and she just happens to be on route. Just before the duo leaves, Killian gives Emma great advice on the temptations of darkness, which she should pay close attention to, just saying. When arriving at Lily's place of stay, they find out she's dead according to the landlord. What angers the savior is how he spoke about her former friend, causing her to almost punch him until Regina intervenes. In another part of town, Gold has a confrontation with Belle's boyfriend, Will Scarlet (The Knave). Gold reveals to him that her heart is being babysat by Maleficent, and he wants the thief to go get it for him. It's back to the road for the infamous duo of light and dark, but they soon get into an accident when a wolf appears on the road, causing Emma to swerve and believing it was fate. You got it right on the money. She soon meets up with her BFF who is now under the name of Starla, a waitress who seems to have her life together; she claims to have a daughter and a loving husband. That is all fake, though. Starla bribes a young girl with burgers if she pretends to be her daughter for a slight moment. The burgers must be really good if anyone were to fall for that. Or it could be that I'm just extremely hungry. Mary Margaret and David try to apologize to Maleficent on their past wrong-doings, but the witch helps them realize that they should be apologizing to her daughter instead. It's a good thing Emma has those kinds of powers because not only did they find she was lying (again), they discovered her wall on Storybrooke, meaning that she already knew. While that was happening, Lily steals Emma's yellow bug, ensuing a high speed chase. Madame Mayor tries to calm her down, but Emma's clearly showing signs of the darkness growing inside of her. At the Mayor's house, Belle's current love interest has taken back her heart. But the most important question is, who does she love now? The duo soon catch up to the witch's daughter, resulting in a confrontation between the two friends. Emma nearly kills her, but once again, Regina intervenes. Emma: 0 Regina: 2 Emma gets half a point for not pushing away her friend. The duo + Lily head off to New York to see Robin Hood to tell him the truth about his wife, Marian, who wasn't at the apartment at the time. However, when she arrives, she pretends to fake it for a bit, but reveals herself as Zelena, surprising not only her 'husband', but Lily. Also, she's pregnant. This episode is by far one of the most surprising ones, in my opinion. Stay tuned for more Once Upon A Time, Popwrappers!

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