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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Limitless: 01x04, Page 44

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

03/03/2016 6:41 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Limitless: 01x04, Page 44 | Limitless
Media Courtesy of sidereel

Last week on Limitless, Finch found himself once again threatened by a cohort of Morra’s and things aren’t exactly looking much better this time around either…

Having broken up with Shauna (wow, that lasted long *insert sarcastic face emoji here*), and facing threats from Sands via Senator Morra – who else? – Finch finds a little distraction while talking to a gentleman named Arthur about revolutionary gene therapies. The down side to the conversation; it opens up a menagerie of problems he then has to solve.

Now well in with the FBI, he’s first called in to help on a case. Mao Zhang, a defence contractor, appears to be have been in possession of a drone containing TOP SECRET information, but fortunately, the CIA have managed to intercept it. Trying to get to the bottom of what Zhang was doing with said information, Finch finds himself handling garbage, quite literally, as he’s tasked with rummaging through his trash. Despite being lactose intolerant, Finch’s discovery of a lot of milk cartons soon leads to the realisation that Zhang had been using them to smuggle drone specifications – tsk tsk.

Outside of the office, Sands, Morra’s lackey, pays Finch a visit at his house, waiting in the dark (creepy or what?) for the target of his menace to arrive. He tasks Finch with stealing all of the information the FBI have on NZT, at the instruction – okay, order – of Morra. He’s given a strict deadline of three days, complete with another menacing stare.

Arthur puts in another appearance to inform him that the (possibly) immortal mouse, Tithonus, which the pair had engineered has gone missing. Arthur presumes the suspect to be a former partner by the name of Paul Wilkerman who screwed him out of millions after the pair co-founded a bio-tech firm. Now, having made a break-through of his own, he believes his bragging online has resulted in Wilkerman stealing the mouse.

With Finch occupied on a mouse-hunt, the story moves on to Rebecca. As she receives a visit from her now deceased father’s art dealer who offers her three of his works since they are now legally hers, she’s a little snappy, declaring she wants nothing to do with the man or his artwork. She doesn’t outright cast her visitor away though, as she has a lingering belief that her father was taking in NZT prior to his death.

The mouse-napping - is that a word? I’m calling it a word - then returns to the forefront of the episode with the discovery of Wilkerman found stabbed to death in Central Park. Arthur is considered a suspect as his DNA is all over the victim, but so is that of someone else. It soon becomes clear that Wilkerman had a secret email account, which was how he had been contacting Claxion’s head of research, Alan Carverton, and discussing the breakthrough Arthur had been excitedly bragging about.

Encouraged by Harris to do so – and here was me thinking the FBI were law abiding citizens –Finch breaks into Claxion in the hope of finding evidence linking Carverton to the murder and the missing mouse. Sadly, he achieves neither and instead sets off the alarm. Fortunately, Harris is around to help save the day and prior to making a getaway, Finch frees all the mice.

In an attempt to buy himself some more time, he then creates a false dossier of information on NZT for Finch. It doesn’t work and instead, he finds his father re-admitted to the hospital suffering from "complications from his surgery". It doesn’t take long for Sands to take credit for the incident and with an almost incandescent glee, he reminds Finch of his threat; one he’s more than happy to make good on.

Back on the drone case, Zhang is trailed and caught making a drop, giving the FBI enough evidence to charge him with espionage. With his colleagues busy taking down Zhang's confession, Brian breaks into the office of senior agent Naz and finds the NZT files he needs to get Sands and Morra off his case – for a while at least.

Two problems down – one more to go. Digging into Wilkerman’s history, Finch learns he revised his will and, rather than giving his millions to his bratty children, he’d planned on donating it to charity instead. However, the change was never made as Wilkerman’s lawyer contacted said bratty children and offered to ignore the revision – for a price (of course, since when do lawyers do anything for free?) In the end, having pocketed a cool half a billion dollars and with Arthur in the frame for the murder, Mr lawyer-man finally gets his comeuppance when a rummage through his trash provides the feds with enough evidence to send him down. On an added positive note, Tithonus is found safe and well.

The episode closes out with Finch looking through the NZT files. Most of what he reads he’s already aware of, but one note draws his attention – the name Conrad Harris, AKA Agent Harris’ father. Listed as a painter whose “abilities are enhanced on NZT”, those abilities are then shown in all their glory when, in the final moments, Harris collects the final three paintings her father did, one of which is a huge (and I mean huge!), super realistic – I can’t even draw stick people well– painting of her.

So, what was Agent Harris’ father doing on NZT? Was he threatened by Morra too before his death? What else can Morra want from Finch, and more importantly, will we ever find out if Tithonus really is immortal? Until next time – hit me up with your thoughts and views in the comments!


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