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Linda Perry Questions Lady Gaga's 'Till It Happens To You' Writing Credit

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

01/19/2016 11:29 am
PopWrapped | Music
Linda Perry Questions Lady Gaga's 'Till It Happens To You' Writing Credit | Lady Gaga
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Did Lady Gaga truly assist with the writing on "Till It Happens To You?" Linda Perry weighs in and says not so much, but Diane Warren says absolutely...

Last year Lady Gaga received critical acclaim upon the release of her Diane Warren-assisted "Till It Happens To You." The track, which served as a contribution to The Hunting Ground, delves into the endless ways that sexual assault damages a person's psyche, and the performance is so powerful that it has netted Gaga an Oscar nomination in the Best Original Song category.

Although Gaga's performance on the track has received such glowing reviews, songwriter Linda Perry questions just how Mother Monster contributed to the song's lyrics. The "Applause" siren shares a writing credit with Warren; however, Perry claims that Lady Gaga's contribution to the lyrical content is minimal at best.

Feeling a little "spunky" Perry took to Twitter to humbly voice her opinion about the matter. In a series of tweets the songwriter revealed that she had heard an earlier demo of the track, which sounded shockingly similar to Gaga's final version with the exception of one or two lines...

Check out what Linda Perry had to say about the matter below!

If true this is hardly the first time that a songwriter has had to give away writing credits to a musician in order to assure a track's success. Thanks in large part to the general public's hunger for musician's to write as well as perform their hits, it has been rumored that many artists refuse to work with songwriters without receiving a writing credit on the track. Up and coming writers may sacrifice a credit for the exposure, but it is surprising to see someone of Diane Warren's level accepting such a situation.

With this in mind, Perry's claims that Warren shared the credit with Gaga for the good of the film make much more sense. As an accomplished songwriter herself, it seems unlikely that Lady Gaga would be so hungry for a false writing credit. It's much easier to believe that she received the credit, knowing full well that such an important song would receive additional acclaim with her name behind the lyrics. 

Either way, "Till It Happens To You" remains one of the most evocative performances of 2015, and both Warren and Gaga should receive respect for their work on the track. Linda Perry agrees...

Although some fans have taken Perry's comments in a negative manner, the prolific songwriter was quick to clarify that she had no intention of stirring up drama and was just voicing an opinion. She went on to credit Gaga for an incredible vocal performance and continued tweeting per usual. No hard feelings!

Diane Warren begs to differ... cred:

Diane Warren begs to differ...


Since the post has gone viral, Gaga's collaborator Diane Warren has decided to voice her own (much more valid) opinion about the drama, and she continues to share all credit with the "Do What U Want" songstress.

Guess that wraps it up...

What do you think about Lady Gaga's questionable contribution to "Till It Happens To You?" Do you think that she is still deserving of her Oscar nod, or should Warren have taken all the credit?


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