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Lives Lost And Resurrected In This Week's The Originals, 'Après Moi, Le Deluge'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/22/2014 2:04 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Lives Lost And Resurrected In This Week's The Originals, 'Après Moi, Le Deluge'

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Last week’s episode was about the girls sticking together and Rebekah wanting to take the throne away from her brothers and Marcel. “Us girls have got to stick together” rang through my head and this week another woman comes into the picture. After putting Davina’s drawings together, Elijah’s former lover and powerful witch Celeste, appeared as one big picture. According to Davina, this old witch may be all things evil, but Elijah trusts she’s mistaken. While Elijah, Hayley and Klaus try to decipher what it all means, Davina is still pissed and with good reason, considering what happened the night before. However, after her tantrum with Marcel, she coughs up some dirt. At this point, I’m guessing Celeste is rising from her grave. After Sophie digs up Celeste’s remains she reveals her little plan to Sabine about completing the Harvest ritual. Sabine is a bit taken off guard and Elijah interrupts their little conversation, demanding for Sophie to go with him so they can discuss the whole matter. Sophie then explains the different elements of destruction Davina will go through if the Harvest is not complete – earth, wind, water and fire. Either way she dies. The French Quarter experiences the earthquake and the strong winds begin to pick up when Rebekah tells Davina that the Harvest must take place. The Mikaelsons decide that they should actually go through with it despite the witches gaining their power back, but the young witch is not thrilled and neither is Marcel. I don’t know why anyone thought it was okay to leave Davina with two vampires that are unable to go up against Marcel. He uses it to his advantage and whisks Davina away despite Klaus’ wishes. Elijah recruits Sabine to do a location spell and there’s this weird vibe I’m getting between the two of them. You’ll see what vibe I speak of once we get to the end of the episode. Klaus notices how distraught Hayley is over breaking Elijah’s trust amidst all the chaos. She wants to bring some canned goods to the bayou, but Klaus takes her over to the Church. Klaus finally reveals that he actually went searching for his clan of wolves and is actually taking care of them. During this scene, we also find that Klaus is starting to ship Haylijah. Sophie failed to consecrate the power of Celeste. Elijah then gets the bright idea to consecrate the remains of his mother. It takes a little bit more convincing on Rebekah’s side, but as a family they come to an agreement to make sure the Harvest takes place. Rebekah finds Marcel and Davina through her source in the garden. I really do love the relationship that Davina and Marcel have. Although Davina went on attack mode on Marcel, he was able to get through to her to make sure she knows that she isn’t alone in all of the madness. He’s the only family she’s got and Rebekah points out that he owes “it to her to fight for her to live.” Marcel and Davina’s scene broke my heart, knowing she finally agreed to go through with the Harvest. It was even more heartbreaking seeing Davina fall into Marcel’s arms after the ritual is complete. At this point, none of them know whether the ceremony would actually bring back those who were sacrificed. And that uncertainty can evoke a very uneasy feeling. ”We call upon our elders to resurrect your chosen ones,” Sophie chants and the feeling doesn’t get any better when she realizes it isn’t working. It always happens when I start to like a character. Rest in Peace Davina. The next scene is quite emotional. Marcel lashes out at Klaus, but Klaus gets it. He’s felt the pain when he lost Marcel those many years ago. Marcel is part of Klaus’ family, no matter how dysfunctional their relationship is. Hearing Klaus mutter the words “I’m sorry” shows the other side of the misunderstood hybrid we like to see. The final scene takes us back to Sabine, who happened to disappear during the Harvest. Well, she had her own little ritual going on, resurrecting some past elder witches. But why? Well, Sabine is actually Celeste – she has been for the past year or so. I wondered why there was some weird tension with Elijah on Sabine’s part. Four young witches may have lost their lives, but the Original family is now going to have to deal with some pretty powerful witches.


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