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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

On This Week's 'Big Bang Theory': "The Locomotion Interruption" Leads To "The Junior Professor Solution"

Tamara Fuentes | PopWrapped Author

Tamara Fuentes

09/23/2014 3:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
On This Week's 'Big Bang Theory':
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Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again. That’s right, the fall TV season has started once again and The Big Bang Theory has started off their 8th season right with, not one, but two wonderful episodes. In the first scene, we see Sheldon on his trip around the country. But things aren’t going so well. He’s been robbed and doesn’t have his pants. Thanks to a cop, he’s able to call Leonard asking him to come and pick him up in Arizona. Since Penny doesn’t want to come along for the ride, he gets Amy to come along. However, the ride doesn’t too prove easy, as she’s hurt at the fact that Sheldon didn’t call her instead of Leonard. Meanwhile, Raj and Howard jump into Howard’s car where Raj reveals that he is still with Emily. Howard, however, is worried about his mother as Stuart has just moved out after being her “nurse” over the past couple of days and is now weirded out by their new relationship. When Howard reaches her house, he discovers that Stuart actually never moved out and that he talked to Howard’s mom and they both agreed that he should just stay. Howard is not happy to hear about this and can’t believe that Stuart is still there. Back in Arizona, Leonard and Amy arrive to pick up Sheldon. After Amy scolds him after being surprised to see her there, he gets her even madder when he tells her that he has something important to tell her but tells her that he wants shotgun. In the car back home, Sheldon reveals to Leonard that the reason why he didn’t call her is due to the fact that he doesn’t want her to see him as imperfect. At Leonard’s recommendation, he tells her this and she states that she won’t stop loving him even if he isn’t perfect. Sheldon tells Leonard that she has insulted him and now wants to break up with her. Bernadette tries to give Penny pointers to try to help her land a job in her pharmaceutical company. Penny believes that she is unqualified to the position iand Bernadette tries to cheer her up but fails. Penny goes ahead with the interview and is unable to answer some of the questions so she gives up and asks the interviewer, who is Bernadette’s boss, to not let her know that she failed, as she is scared of Bernadette. The boss reveals that he is also afraid of her and the two bond which helps her land the job. Back at the Wolowitz household, Stuart comes by to try to talk with Howard and get them talking again. However, Howard refuses to listen to him and his reasoning. Bernadette tries to be a mediator but soon takes Howard’s side and Stuart leaves telling him that they know where to find him when they want to apologize. As Sheldon arrives, he tells Amy and Leonard that he can withstand anything due to his trip around the country, despite not ever leaving the train and getting his stuff stolen. When Sheldon, Amy, and Leonard return they find Penny, Raj, Howard and Bernadette in their apartment. Sheldon tells Penny that he can’t deal with Penny’s new haircut and then leaves. The second episode starts off with Bernadette trying to get Penny to study the materials given to her for her new job. Penny, however, doesn’t want to study as she only has training coming up and doesn’t see the need to. Sheldon returns to the university in hopes of getting his field of study changed back from String Theory. He is then told that he is able to change his field of study on one condition; he teaches a course at the university. He accepts and starts teaching a class. However, no one shows up due to the fact that they hear that he is a tough professor and now one wants to take his class. Penny and Bernadette separately go talk to Amy about how annoyed they are with each other and try to hang out with Amy as much as they can in order to avoid the other. Amy views this as her being popular and tries to take advantage of the fact that they both want to hang out with her and talk to her about the other person. When the boys find out that no one took Sheldon’s class, Howard volunteers to take his class so he can get his Ph.D. and Sheldon is able to stop studying String Theory. However, Sheldon decides to make the class miserable for Howard, as he doesn’t believe Howard is smart enough to take his course because he is an engineer. Howard then decided to be a horrible student since Sheldon is being a horrible teacher. After Howard throws a spitball into Sheldon’s mouth, he runs out in disgust. Meanwhile, Amy tries to make plans with the other girls only to realize that they have made plans with each other as they realized the other’s side of the issue and got together and made up. They invite Amy out where we discover Amy was outside Penny’s apartment hearing their conversation. Howard and Sheldon then meet up again only for Howard to reveal that he has dropped the course and that Sheldon reported Howard to human resources. Howard then tells Sheldon that, despite the fact that he may not know everything about physics, Sheldon doesn’t know everything about engineering. With Leonard’s suggestion, Howard then quizzes Sheldon with various engineering questions until he gets stuck on one and is unable to answer. He then spits out the spitball that was stuck in his mouth and is happy to know that he won’t get sick anymore because of it. In the end, the guys meet up together and ask each other scientific questions. If they get it right, they get a piece of candy. Despite the fact that they answer each correctly and proudly, they remember that they didn’t get any girls in high school and are upset over that. So what did you think everybody? Did you like how this new season started or did you hope for more twist and turns? The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS on Mondays at 8/7c.  


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