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Look Out For "The Sign Of Three" This Week On Sherlock

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/27/2014 12:06 am
PopWrapped | Television
Look Out For
Media Courtesy of BBC
Melissa LoParco

Managing Editor

One thing that Sherlock fans aren't really used to is an episode that doesn't make your heart stop at least 20 times in the 90 minute episodes, but in "The Sign of Three" we were all pleasantly surprised with a very giddy, touching episode with just the right amount of drama. I don't know about you guys, but this episode definitely left me with a warm feeling afterword. Now on to the episode! As there is in all recaps, spoilers ahead! Continue at your own risk. The episode begins with a frustrating case that Lestrade has been working on for 18 months (clown masks and bank robbing...a recipe for disaster), he finally gets to the penultimate arrest aaaaaaand Sherlock texts...insistently: "HELP" "BAKER ST" "HELP NOW." So of course Lestrade calls for back up (as one would), but it turns out all Sherlock needs is help writing a best man speech for John. Sherlock is my favourite drama queen. It's the wedding, everyone! Sherlock is composing and waltzing and everything! Without John there Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson have a really nice heart to heart about weddings and marriage. He tries to get rid of her by complaining about biscuits. Mrs. Hudson is going to talk to his mother about his behaviour. Time to get ready! (Also a creepy army guy getting ready, I'll keep you posted on his involvement in the episode.) At the wedding there is a really crazy filming technique going on that gives the appearance of a 3D photo..sort of. Regardless, it's really cool.  Sherlock and a bridesmaid chat a bit...she tries joking about sex, Sherlock looks awkward, everyone at home laughs. After some man deducting she says Sherlock will be "very useful," and later asks if she can keep him (we understand). Oh! Turns out Sherlock has been interrogating attendees to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch - it's actually very sweet when you think about it, for a high functioning sociopath. Oh and then he is hugged by a little boy and it turns out they had a little bonding time doing detective things, it melted my heart. Creepy army guy is John's old commanding officer, Major Sholto. John was worried he wouldn't show up, but he did! Sherlock is jealous of his friendship with John, and Mary is loving it while she complains about the taste of the wine (hmmmm). Ah, that's who was missing! Mycroft isn't at the wedding - he's too busy working out. Another brotherly spat ensues. The main portion of this episode is the best man speech, you know you have been waiting for it. One thing Sherlock isn't good at - public speaking. Cue the flashbacks! Molly and Lestrade predicted this would happen and informed Mrs. Hudson. Sherlock has to read the telegrams to the couple - with a lot of pain in his voice. Once that is done it's back to the speech! Another flashback from when John asks Sherlock to be the best man (no Sherlock, not literally who the best man is). It's actually really sad when Sherlock doesn't get that John thinks of him as a best friend. I mean, Sherlock literally goes into shock - someone get the man a blanket! In the speech he explains his reaction to John's request, but as we all know "it later transpired that I had said none of this out loud." From what starts out to be a very Sherlock type rant which insults everyone in the room, it ends with one of the most heartfelt, beautiful speeches from that same man. An excerpt: "Today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved – in short, the two people who love you most in all this world. And I know I speak for Mary as well when I say we will never let you down, and we have a lifetime ahead to prove that." Everyone is touched and Sherlock is so confused - it's great - and that only means we must move on to the funny stories! He then goes on to explain some of their more..absurd cases to the room like "The Elephant in the Room." Another flashback to some wedding planning (which is the start to another case). Sherlock is taking his role as best man very seriously and has learned how to fold napkins on YouTube, it's really sweet. Mary ends up tricking both of them into taking each other out on a case because she knows that Sherlock is freaking out over possibly losing John. OMG IT IS DEAN THOMAS! He's a royal guard! And he is being stalked - sounds like a case to me. John tries to be sentimental but Sherlock 'Dickhead' Holmes disappears. He sneaks into the facility...and then ruffles his hair again. Well..Dean Thomas is now in a shower surrounded by blood - this isn't good. John goes all army so they will allow him to examine the body, and he's alive! Call to action nurse Sherlock. While the case hadn't been solved, Sherlock wanted to highlight that John saved a man that night. It's time to talk about the stag night! Now...if I fully talked about this portion this recap could get to dissertation number of words. I think all that we need to say is that Drunk!Sherlock and Drunk!John is the best thing you will ever witness. Sherlock snaps in a 'z' formation, they sleep on the stairs, calls Mrs. Hudson Hudders, play the 'who am I?' game, and then go "clueing for looks."  "The Game is...something" "On!" "Yeah, that..that." Everything about the stag night is perfect. The morning is great too - they wake up in jail, completely hungover, and a very loud Lestrade. Sherlock is still hung up on the case they were working on whilst intoxicated so he tries to figure it out and talks to all the women online (but in person in his mind palace), but still can't figure it out. Back at the wedding Sherlock is wrapping up the speech when it hits him. Something is going to happen at the wedding. The person who called the case in knew John's middle name (Hamish) - surprise visit from the woman - and said to enjoy the wedding! She knew about it! Enter subconscious Mycroft to help Sherlock solve it - the Mayfly man is at the wedding! Oh shit...someone's gunna die. Sherlock is trying to frantically solve the case - he informs Lestrade and calls "Vatican cameos" to inform John what is going on. Sherlock works out that it is Major Sholto who is the victim and little Archie reminds Sherlock of the Invisible Man. Finally Sherlock ends the speech and him, John and Mary try to save the day. Sherlock still doesn't know how he did it, but Sholto has locked himself in the room and won't open the door until Sherlock solves the case (John calls out Sherlock on being a drama queen). The murder weapon is in the belt. Sholto has already been 'killed.' Sherlock to the rescue! He convinces Sholto to open the door because of John - they wouldn't ruin John Watson's wedding. Sherlock actually saved a man. Now Sherlock is teaching Janine (the bridesmaid) how to waltz...he admits he loves to dance and then does a pirouette. No words. Lestrade brings in the photographer, the photographer is the murderer - the one man (or woman) who goes to a wedding and isn't noticed. Mary and John dance to a song composed and played by Sherlock, after he gives them his last vow - that he will always be there for the of them. Sherlock has figured out that Mary is pregnant! Sherlock calms them down by saying they are already the best parents in the world because they manage to look after him. How adorable is that? After Sherlock tells them to dance he's standing there all alone looking for someone to dance with - but everyone is partnered up. He then leaves the wedding, alone. It's a really sad ending when you see it in comparison to the rest of the episode...actually it is just a really sad ending in general. and that concludes this week's episode of Sherlock! Next week is the season finale (already, I know). Time to start getting emotionally prepared for "His Last Vow" next week!


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