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Television PopWrapped | Television

Loudinni Prepares Us For Peter Pan Live!

loudinni | PopWrapped Author


12/03/2014 3:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Loudinni Prepares Us For Peter Pan Live! | Peter Pan
Media Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
It’s kinda like knowing you’re gonna get an especially terrible knitted sweater from Nana this year and yet you’re still looking forward to opening the present in the off-chance that there’s also cash. There probably won’t be but damn the wrapping’s pretty and, well, maybe... That’s how I feel about NBC’s Peter Pan Live! this year. There’s also more than a slight chance that Christopher Walken will add that last-hour-of-the-Jerry-Lewis-telethon vibe which, let's face it, most of us want to happen. He looks truly high in the promo and I hope he brings that feeling of danger to the telecast. It promises everything; kids on wires, bad English accents, live singing, PC dancing Indians, special guest stars that only gay men and theater majors will recognize-EVERYTHING. Now to all of you who are already rolling your eyes about “how bitchy” we “boys” get about the young, annual, live event, I say: back off. We endure so much grunting about football and other butch shenanigans all year. We’re starved for this kind of indulgence and this is our turf (“Dammit Perino’s is MY PLACE”) dont’cha know. I plan on squealing like a little girl and acting like it’s the single most important thing on the planet that night. And it will be. I’ve already made my feelings clear about the fact that Peter Pan should truly be an adolescent boy and not look/act like a whimsical lesbian. When I saw the Mary Martin version in 1966 I couldn’t let go of the fact that someone’s grandma was swinging on a wire and I think kids will be even less forgiving now. But I wish Ms Williams all the luck in the world. Still, it will be hard for me to forget how much I wish they would have asked Alan Rickman and one of the kids who play Billy Elliott on Broadway to do this. But…that’s part of enjoying it…taking it apart. Smelling everything, putting it back, laughing, cackling, admiring...all of it. So this Thursday night, let’s all let out our inner Noel Coward and take to Facebook and twitter with our Paul-Lynde-like swagger and enjoy every single minute of this 50/50 odds of a train wreck event. I can’t wait.

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