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Loudinni Reviews: Sausage Party

loudinni | PopWrapped Author


08/18/2016 10:07 am
PopWrapped | Movies
Loudinni Reviews: Sausage Party | Sausage Party
Media Courtesy of YouTube

Although the title Sausage Party  is a cute double entendre, a more apt title would have been Grocery Porn. I mean, the main thrust (no pun intended) of the narrative is that a wiener wants to slip into a tight bun, quite literally. It seems that, when no one's around, our local supermarkets are a veritable orgy of both fresh and packaged foods singing, fornicating and waiting to be purchased so they can achieve what their understanding of heaven is. As I was watching a scene involving a douche (the villain is a thirsty douche) and a Disneyfied used condom, I was struck by vision of the future: Julie Taymor is bound to do a puppet version of this on Broadway a la Avenue Q. In fact, the film could have used two or three more musical numbers than the one that opens the show.

There are two movies battling for dominance within this project. One is a heady, stoner film examining existential reality and religion, while the other is an excuse for groceries to swear. I got the feeling the writers were not convinced the audience could follow the former, so they doubled-down on the latter. In the same way it's funny to hear grandma use the F-word, the filmmakers conclude that it would be even funnier to have a crescent roll tell you to it's going to "F" you up. And it works, for about half an hour. Then you start to realize/remember how difficult this is to pull-off and how superior the South Park folks are at doing it.

Sausage Party's "characters" are so busy shock-jocking you with grander and grander expletives that it overshadows the true cleverness at the heart of the enterprise. It's not without some knee-slapping funny moments, in fact, there are quite a few. However, the packed theater I shared the experience with seemed stupefied and open-mouthed by the halfway point. It wasn't until the climactic (again, no pun intended) sexual inter-grocery free-for-all at the end that the crowd resettled into unabashed laughter. You gotta be in the right mood for this (and almost impossible to offend) or you might find this one-cock-joke-too-many for your sensibilities.

Do not, under any circumstances, take a kid to see Sausage Party! Not unless you want to be answering a lot of questions you may want to avoid until "the talk" about the birds'n bees. This is John Waters meets Walt Disney meets Salvador Dali. Be warned--and probably high.

(Loudinni specializes in movie reviews 500 words or less, sans spoilers.)


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