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Loudinni Reviews TED 2: Skip The Theater

loudinni | PopWrapped Author


06/30/2015 12:22 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Loudinni Reviews TED 2: Skip The Theater | Ted 2
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This thing is frustrating. It's like someone who typically throws pretty damn good dinner parties went out, bought a lot of beautiful, over-priced groceries and then just left them on the table uncooked. Lazy. Lazy (almost) to the point of cynicism. It's a little too good-natured to be smug, but, like a lot of Seth MacFarlane's recent output, is also a little precious on itself. Kind of like a Jerry Lewis movie in the late '60s.

Now I love Mr MacFarlane and a lot of his product (and he IS precious, damn), and I'm crazy about the first Ted, but he's getting to be like one of those puppeteers that wants you to look at him, rather than the puppet. As adorable as he is. There are laughs, but like a lot of sequels, there are half the jokes and three-times the money spent for production values.

It starts out with a pretty and promising opening number worthy of Busby Berkley but then slides into a monotonous pit of characters shrieking "f**k and/or "black cocks" for nearly two hours. There are a few, genuine good laughs, but not enough. Padded with a lot of montages and even Amanda Seyfried singing a ballad, playing the a campfire.

Mark Wahlberg looks unusually unkempt, pale and stoned, while Seyfried looks unusually wan and hungry, even for her. It kinda looks like they're picking-up some extra hours for overtime. And I typically like both of them. Plus, like a Mel Brooks movie, a parade of contemporary celebrities show up for sight-gags or "star-cussing".

This is worth catching on another, cheaper, platform at home or hotel room. Actually, it's PERFECT for a hotel room! You'll probably get that opportunity soon because I expect it to tank after the first weekend. C'mon Seth.

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