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"Love and Marriage" Don't Always Go Together On This Week's Masters Of Sex

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/18/2013 10:21 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Showtime

Jaime Harsip

Content Editor

MOS 1 So, as sad as I am to have to report this, last night’s Masters of Sex was nowhere near as sexy as the previous episode. That being said, it was a night of big changes and big revelations – for pretty much everyone. Let’s start with Margaret and Austin. She’s waiting at a train station for Austin, when she spots him canceling his pair of tickets. Anticipating the worst, Margaret stows her bag under the bench she’s sat on and approaching Austin. She tells him they should end their fling. Obviously, after last week, we know that’s not what she really wants. As for Langham, it looks like he really wants to be faithful to his wife. Aw. Cute. It would be even more cute if he didn’t show up late to a house full of screaming children and an exhausted wife and act like his gifts are adequate apologies for his absence. Oh boy, he got his wife a nice vacuum! Cleary that doesn’t take out the sting of infidelity, since she walks off into the kitchen muttering about how there’s one more sobbing, broken-hearted girl out there somewhere. Apparently this happens a lot – Austin has an affair, breaks it off, feels bad, and comes home with presents for his family. As for Margaret, she is at the end of her rope with Barton. After she leaves the train station, Margaret goes to a very upscale bar for a drink. Who should be seated to her left but Dale – Barton’s male escort friend. They get to talking, when all of the sudden in walks Provost Scully. It’s a truly awkward moment, but the awkwardness is dulled by the hurt in Margaret’s eyes. Yes, she can see through the lie that Dale is a student at the university. Allison Janney is a truly brilliant actress; can I just say that? The ache and hurt of being taken for granted by her husband is just translated so brilliantly. Anyway, Barton tries to make things go back to normal, asking Margaret to go out that night to a movie. They’re at the drive-in to see a movie and Margaret drops the bombshell that she wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Libby is kind of taken by her new handyman, whether she’ll admit it or not. He’s a charming widower with a passion for dancing – and he teaches her how to dance, too. MOS 2 The only problem (other than her being married)? He’s a person of color. During one of their dance sessions, Libby passes out. At the hospital, the doctor assumes Walter, the handyman, is her “boy.” Oh, and guess what? Libby’s pregnant again. I sure hope she’s been having sex with her husband or this is going to be mighty suspicious. Gini goes to Dr. DePaul saying she wants to complete her undergraduate degree, hoping she could place out of DePaul’s anatomy class. In a moment of decisive bitchitude, DePaul asks Gini why she wants a degree, when she’s been so successful using her other assets? Of course, Gini replies by saying she wants to avoid comments like that in the future. Dr. DePaul is incredibly harsh with Gini once she’s enrolled in the anatomy course, which isn’t surprising. Nor is it a surprise when Gini turns out to be one of Dr. DePaul’s best students. Ethan’s life is going in an interesting direction as well. He wakes up to Vivienne cooking breakfast and singing “Love and Marriage” while fluttering around the kitchen. He looks a little bit freaked out (which I would totally get), but apparently that’s not the case. Evidently at some point Ethan decided he wanted to marry Vivienne, because suddenly he’s picking out an engagement ring. Langham comes with him and the ensuing scene pretty much convinces me Langham is insane. It involves him jumping up and laying down across the table in the middle of the jewelry store. Apparently it worked for him, though, because that night Langham goes back to the jewelry store and bangs the woman who had been working there that afternoon. Great. MOS 3 The next day, Ethan sort of accidentally proposes to Vivienne. She guesses what his plans are when he tells her the restaurant they’ll be going to that night, then she grills him on what kind of diamond she can expect. Ethan doesn't remember what the ring looks like, so he pulls it out. As soon as he does, Vivienne goes nuts and says yes, yes, she’ll marry him! Then she runs off to call her mom. Oh, did I mention this happened in the cafeteria at the hospital? Most awkward accidental proposal ever. Dr. Masters seems to have been unaware that Gini has been taking Dr. DePaul’s class. After DePaul tells him how Gini is one of her better students, though, Masters exhibits a moments of strangely awkward humanity. That night, when Gini is getting ready to head to the lab for their study, he stops her. He says it’s alright if she’s taking classes, and when Gini mentions that their first big test is the next day, Dr. Masters tells her to go home. He says they can continue the study tomorrow night, and wishes her good luck on the exam. The thing is, this scene is actually very sad. It’s sad because before this we knew, without a doubt, that Bill Masters would never put anything above his study. Even his wife has to come second. So what exactly does it mean that he would volunteer to delay the study by a whole day, just for Gini’s convenience? Gini is so good for him, and he’s so good for Gini, but this cannot possibly end well for anyone.


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