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Lucy Hale Reveals Ezria and the Pretty Little Liars Finale Details

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/26/2013 5:29 am
Lucy Hale Reveals Ezria and the Pretty Little Liars Finale Details


Shems Abdelwahab

Staff Writer

For Ezria fans, season 4 of Pretty Little Liars has been one let down after another. Somewhere in between their breakup and the introduction of Jake, Ezria fans began to lose hope that the couple would reunite in the near future.

Last Tuesday, the episode ended with Aria in Ezra’s living room, discussing Maggie’s plan to move across the country, and potentially take Ezra’s son (sort of) Malcolm with her.  

"Ezra is dealing with a lot and he starts to reach out to her for help with what he’s going through," the actress said. "When Ezra reaches out she’s like, ‘Oh s—t, I’m still in love with you,’" reports

Let’s just take a moment to pause at this announcement, shall we? Even though Hale didn’t go into detail regarding her and Ezra starting up again, she allows us to hold on to that idea when she alludes to the fact that Maggie’s role in keeping Aria and Ezra apart may be eliminated.

Hale states, “Now [Maggie], who ruined her relationship, might be leaving, so she sees the light at the end of the tunnel.”

That aside, Aria has enough trouble to get out of this week before she can worry about her love life. Hale informed TV Guide that we will finally learn the identity of Red Coat in this week’s summer finale. However, this information conflicts with Janel Parish’s statement that red coat will be revealed in this year’s Halloween episode.

If Hale’s statement is true, the revelation will come at a great price. She told TV Guide that, "[the girls are] in Ravenswood and on the lookout for this magician who they think is a clue that will lead them to Ali, who at this point they think is alive." She continues, “There, Aria may go missing [after] she’s lured into this magic trick.”

Upon being stuck in another dangerous situation, Hale revealed that Aria will jokingly refer to last year’s Halloween episode and say, “No, trust me, I don’t do boxes.”

In fewer words, this week’s summer finale of Pretty Little Liars seems to promise even more of the delectable drama we’ve come to know and love from this series.

I hereby invite all Ezria fans to pray for a reunion this week….seriously.


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