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Music PopWrapped | Music

Exclusive: LZ7 Talks Music, Faith And Their New Single, "So Good"

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/08/2016 12:59 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Exclusive: LZ7 Talks Music, Faith And Their New Single,
Media Courtesy of LZ7

LZ7 is an awesome group from the UK that make music guaranteed to get you on your feet and even better, every song has a story.  They recently released the video for 'So Good' and we got a chance to chat with them!  Check out what we talked about and then watch the video below.  "So Good" is a fantastic song that you will definitely have you hitting the 'replay' button!

PopWrapped:  So, I see that y’all are based in the UK and have some upcoming shows with one in New York City.  Are you planning on more shows in the US?

LZ7:  Hey man, thanks so much for the interview. Really appreciate the support for the single "So Good" and everything that's to follow. We love the USA and are sooooo looking forward to the tour over the pond with you guys! NYC is one of our fave places on the planet to hang out! For us Brits, it literally looks, feels and smells like a film set! We would love to tour stateside and I really hope we get the opportunity; it's one of those dream things for us!

PW:  I read that your music comes from experiences, what was the inspiration behind "So Good?"

LZ7:  "So Good" is literally a love story. The twist in the music video throws a curve at ya - as you think it's going to go pear-shaped. The one guy looks like he is going to steal the girl, but then...go watch and have a look! We wrote it about 18 months before we released it and knew that it was a special song. The sentiment behind it is to squeeze the max out of this life; to really go after your dreams, live to your fullest potential and enjoy every minute of it!



PW:  Was the video a vision y’all had or did the director come in with a vision?  The song and video are amazing!  I’ve been listening on repeat.

LZ7:  Ah, thanks. I'm glad you enjoy it! In LZ7, we are pretty much a big creative family that love music and media and create what we can, to best we can! The video idea was a mix of a narrative that we came up with and the laser/club scenario that the director was super inspired about and we married these two worlds to get what you see now. I love it! The feel good nature of the song is played out really well by the actors in the video. Hope you guys enjoy it too!

PW:  Y’all are a Christian group, do you find that challenging in today’s age or is it just about staying true to who you are?

LZ7:  Whatever it is ya stand for, us, I reckon it's great to stand for something rather than fall for everything that's out there. That might not be everyone's take on life, of course and we defo think it's a personal choice thing for us. It defo affects my perspective on life tho, gives me a hope and something to wake up for everyday. If that hope comes across in the music then all good - if it gives a glimmer to someone struggling that there is someone that cares for them, then I feel like there is more the music and I love that [sic]. Helps to break a stereotype as well that believing in something is stuffy and old. Actually, I think it's pretty fresh to know what ya stand for when life throws you an off day or a problem...keeps us smiling.

PW:  Who were some of y’alls musical inspirations growing up?  Is this what y’all always wanted to do or did you have other careers in mind?

LZ7:  Ah, man...I loved eminem, Jay Z, all the way through to Chase and Status and Prodigy. Music was, and is, a massive part of all of our lives and it influences us in such a good way. Soon look up to the legends that have trailblazer [sic] the way for young guys like us.

PW:  What’s something that’s happened since y’all started making music that was really surreal or really cool?

LZ7:  Walking square on into Ed Sheeran backstage at his gig at the Manchester academy. We were testing out some new kit and he walked out as I walked in...straight into my chest... I apologised profusely and he just smiled pleasantly... nice guy!


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