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Mac And Dennis Buy A Timeshare On This Week's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/27/2013 1:00 am
PopWrapped | Television
Mac And Dennis Buy A Timeshare On This Week's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

“You see, Dee. People like us, we don’t get got. We go get.” Despite the episode’s title being “Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare,” there’s seems to be an almost even mix between the two stories in this episode. As the title suggests, Mac and Dennis wander off together, while you have Dee and Charlie teaming up, and Frank...well, how Frank ends up where he’s at is never explained. (And as you read on, I’m sure you’ll agree with me in thinking, I’m not sure I want to know why Frank decided to do what he did.) Yes, the Gang is split up once again, following the same pattern we’ve already seen in an episode this season (“Gun Fever Too: Still Hot”). The episode starts with Dee trying to explain her newest business plan to a confused Charlie, Mac, and Dennis. The name of the company is “Invigaron”, and her berry/berry juice-selling business is structured on a “reverse funnel system”. Charlie allows his stress levels to be tested, and he finds out he has an incredibly high “157 units” in his body. After a mass panic by Charlie and Dee scrambling to figure out what those “units” actually are – she settled on stress units – Mac and Dennis proceed to claim that Dee has been scammed. Dee knows she hasn’t been scammed, while Dennis and Mac see right through her “pyramid scheme” and proceed to utter tonight’s catchphrase: “We don’t get got. We go get.” At Charlie and Frank’s apartment, Dee is trying to figure out the instructions for the berry juice and the “Gold Member Kit” that she’s set up for Charlie. Charlie, being so incredibly stressed out by his stress levels, starts drinking this Albani berry juice. She decides they need Frank’s help, but Charlie explains Frank left in frenzy to the playground after having a strange dream. The two head the playground to find Frank stuck in a coil, with only underwear on! Charlie and Dee can’t really get past the idea of Frank being stuck in a coil, but after explaining their new business to Frank, he bluntly tells them they’ve been scammed. He instructs Dee to turn her “reverse funnel system” upside down, which results in a usual Dee outburst. After hearing they should put this into the hands of someone with “deep pockets” – hey, remember Ben the Solider? – they leave Frank stuck in the coil. Mac and Dennis show up at the Invigaron presentation, phones and music players ready and at the go so they can clearly ignore the guy during his presentation. The Invigaron salesman (The Mindy Project’s Tommy Dewey) doesn’t miss a bit when talking to Mac and Dennis. He starts his spiel by complimenting Mac’s “Hawaiian shirt” and Dennis’ “perfect tan”. This goes unnoticed by Mac, while Dennis, a man clinging to the fact that he’s incredibly handsome, perks up. The salesman hands them vouchers for a free round of golf in Florida, and asks if either of the guys have been to the state. Dennis responds with what could potentially by an incredibly creepy quote by saying, “Been there? Not physically.” The salesman then discusses a timeshare in Florida. Dennis and Mac want to shrug it off, but it’s a really nice place. As usual, something is misheard in the mix, and Dennis and Mac think they can get paid if they add on a third week at this timeshare. Cue tonight’s catchphrase, “You just got got!” At Charlie and Dee’s presentation, only two people are present - Ben the Soldier (Travis Schuldt) and The Maniac (“Rowdy” Roddy Piper). Their video presentation is one of the highlights of this episode, featuring fake backgrounds that Charlie and Dee can’t interact with, cuts and reshoots galore (how Dee didn’t know Charlie was reshooting, and how Charlie didn’t know Dee was reshooting, is genius), and invigorating (no pun intended) shouts of “Invigaron!” This VHS tape is also so incredibly recycled, as at the end, we see bits of when Dee, Mac, and Dennis previously used the tape in other episodes (“America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model”, “Mac’s Banging the Waitress”, and “The Gang Runs for Office”). Charlie filmed an extended ending he, where, acting about mountain man, Andy, explains the whole thing ends up being a pyramid scheme! While any “normal” person would be turned off, Ben doesn’t seem fazed by the ending, and The Maniac seems sold. (He actually steals some of the product.) Charlie and Dee aren’t trying to sell anything to The Maniac, and they pull Ben forward test his stress levels, which end up at 107. Charlie congratulates him on his low score, but Dee, wanting desperately to sell this to Ben, exclaims how high and bad his score is. Ben isn’t sold, and leaves the presentation. In a very similar situation, Mac and Dennis, after talking to Frank and also being told they were being scammed, set up a presentation for Ben the Solder. The Maniac, too, shows up for this presentation. While Mac and Dennis try and trigger Ben’s supposed PTSD, their attempts actually bring up the Maniac’s PSTD. Everyone’s reaction is priceless, and I mean everyone! Ben is still as chipper as could be, Dennis looks frightened, Mac looks slightly alarmed, but this is what The Maniac had to say: ”Sometimes, loud noises make the squirrels go in my head, and I don’t fight in the ring anymore but I still fight with the demons in Maniac’s head.” Mac and Dennis quietly continue on with their presentation, but similar results to Dee and Charlie’s presentation occur. Ben isn’t sold, and The Maniac is sold on the idea. Because Ben is under the impression he has a “107 stress level”, he realizes he shouldn’t be at the presentation and leaves. He The Maniac explains his excitement, and Mac and Dennis realize he’s under the impression that their apartment is the timeshare. In a final attempt to uproot any PTSD Ben may have, Charlie and Dee dress up like the soldiers in Zero Dark Thirty did when they were in Bin Laden’s compound. What they weren’t expecting to see was Mac and Dennis dressed up “all Jihad”, which had cackling with laughter at 3AM. I whole-heartedly welcome this flashback to the season two episode “The Gang Goes Jihad”. Ben seems chipper as ever, and after being badgered by why gruesome war images aren’t triggering any memories, Ben mentions he was a computer programmer in the Army. The episode ends at the park. The episode began at 11:45 on a Thursday morning, and the episode ended on a Saturday. Unfortunately, the kids are now out and about at the playground, leaving Frank screwed over, yet again, by the Gang. I love how in the Sunny-verse, kids don’t go to the park on weekdays. He was stuck at a park for days, worried about the kids showing up on a Saturday. What did you all think about this episode? This season hasn’t been bringing the constant laughter, so I’m not thrilled at another episode where I’m only somewhat entertained. I’m pleased that, when I was able to laugh, that was because things were really funny. This episode, when the funnier moments happened, they were hilarious and truly memorable. The rest of the episode was a basic episode where the Gang gets screwed over, while screwing over each other in the process. I am rather excited for next week’s episode, entitled “Mac Day”, and it’s going to be the 100th episode of the show! See you all then!


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