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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Magic Morgan" Has Some Tricks Up His Sleeve On This Week's The Mindy Project

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/08/2013 11:53 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

One week post break-up and Mindy isn’t fairing to well. Lots of tears, lots of booze, and lots of sweats. One rainy day in particular she eats pavement on Cliff Gilbert, attorney at Law’s package. Since she can’t let things go she storms into his office and threatens to sue. He quickly debunks her theory and throws a few insults her way too. It was a great spar to watch, and I hope we’ll see more! When she finally makes it to the office, Reed reveals that the office is being renamed! Peerson, Castellano, Reed, & Prentice. Unfortunately Mindy will no longer be Peerson and she reveals that she and Casey have split. Peter offers up some bro-spired advice and just makes matters worse. Morgan is concerned and shares his recent heartbreak. His ex is now engaged. He is a poorman’s Good Luck Chuck. Danny is growing tired of Peter’s frat boy antics and wants him gone. Reed wants him to stay for vanity reasons, I mean he calls him boss! Danny is defeated. Also defeated is Mindy, who has now drank enough that she is imagining her last remaining photo strip of her and Casey is talking to her. Morgan comes by to save Mindy from herself, but she has an idea. If Morgan is like Good Luck Chuck if she sleeps with him maybe she’ll find her perfect person right after. She pounces, but comes to her senses while sprucing up for the coitus. Back at the hospital Peter is regaling the boys with some locker room bro talk. He has Danny act as his stand in as he plays the chick he was out with. Peter, while telling his story, goes in for the kill and grabs Danny’s penis. Danny is not pleased and even Reed has to agree with him on this one. They sit Peter down and fire him. But for some reason he manages to talk his way out of it and they let him stay. Can you believe this guy? The next day at work Mindy gets a call from Cliff Gilbert and she is quick to tell him off, assuming he was going to ask her out on a date. In reality he was calling because Morgan had decided to sue her for sexual harassment. He’s asking for $200,000 in restitution or Mindy has to take him out on a nice date. Reed and Danny agree on her behalf. Mindy is reluctant and the boys come over to help her pick out something to wear. It’s actually touching that these guys came over to help get her up and out. Granted they were doing it to save their own asses, but still I thought it was sweet. The date is off to a rough start. Mindy is just not into and let’s face it, Morgan is a bit odd. He finally takes her phone and makes her actually converse. They finish dinner and Morgan said every date ends with a something. Like a movie, or whatever, I don’t even know I’ve never actually been on one of those date things. Anyway Morgan takes Mindy to his favorite place, the quarry. He tells her it’s where he goes to reflect or let go of things. She admits she misses Casey and that she just wants to feel better. After admitting it and hearing it echoed back she was relieved. More importantly her date with  Morgan was actually good for her. Back at the office Mindy ends up in the elevator with Cliff Gilbert. He tells her she looks much better than the last few times they met and she fires back with her sassy “thanks, I bathed” retort. The two exit the elevator and Morgan proclaims that he’s done it again… Has he?!


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