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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

There Are Many "Repercussions" This Week On 'Revenge'

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/28/2014 12:24 am
PopWrapped | Television
There Are Many
Courtesy of Google
Victoria and Emily aren't giving up this battle easily! And we now have a wildcard thrown into the loop! Tonight's Revenge slowed things down slightly, but we did manage to get plenty of the actual story. With Victoria laying claim to David before Emily could reveal her true self, the real Amanda Clarke had to come up with a different plan. Emily attempted to get close to David by appealing to her blood sister, Charlotte, but the tiny Victoria in the making had other plans. Charlotte pulled off one HELL of a conniving move when she re-introduced her father to Jack......and his "grandson" Carl! Jack knew damn well what Charlotte was doing, trying to get David further from Emily, but he was forced to go along with it. The confrontation that ensued later, with Jack berating Charlotte for what she did, was probably my favorite part of the episode. Charlotte was definitely shaken after Jack's words, and it's true: She really is turning into Conrad! Meanwhile, a near death experience (from a suspicious man with a crescent moon tattoo) makes David realize he needs to start focusing on who he could trust.....and who he can't. Thanks to a manipulative move from Emily (and ultimately Margaux) David once again found himself in possession of his beloved beach house. He quickly paid a visit to his old friend Nolan, and their reunion was much needed for the flamboyant young man, but he still kept quiet about Emily's true identity. Now for a tiny rant: I totally get that Nolan (and Jack) are keeping Emily's secret, but WHY NOT JUST TELL DAVID THE TRUTH!? Okay rant over. With David back in the beach house, and Emily residing in the former Grayson Manor, father/daughter are closer than they've been in years..... Except David doesn't know it. And with the voice over at the end from David, it appears we're going to be getting his version of revenge now. All in all guys, this episode was a bit of a step-down compared to the first 4. The pacing seemed rather off, but it was spliced with some amazing moments. What did you guys think? SOME NOTES: 1. And now I don't trust Ben. What's he doing trying to dig up dirt on Jack and tie him to Conrad's murder!? 2. The scene between David and Nolan was picture perfect (minus a confession from Nols). Mr. Ross was genuinely happy to see David, and it was nice, even for a fleeting second, to see Nolan happy. 3. Louise needs to go. I'm not sure the direction of this storyline, but it's a complete bore. My guess is to just give Daniel a separate story.  4. The scene between Emily and Victoria was FLAWLESS. Both these ladies have gotten under each other's kin and into their head.  5. Who is the man who tried to kill David, and why is he now stalking Charlotte? Could he be working for someone higher up? What do you guys think of that?  PS: Not even gonna lie, I won't be too heartbroken if something happens to Charlotte. 

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