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March To The 100th Episode: Glee's Top 5 Most Devastating Breakups

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/17/2014 4:07 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
March To The 100th Episode: Glee's Top 5 Most Devastating Breakups
Media Courtesy of Fanpop

Tamara Fuentes Staff Writer


  Couples have come and gone in the Glee world but there are some that we just can never let go of, even when they were broken up.   5. Puck/Quinn – Quick:
Courtesy of Tumblr Courtesy of Tumblr 
While they didn’t have an official break up, their relationship has been one of the most interesting relationships on the show. Through a surprise pregnancy, giving up Beth, and going through their own struggles, they have kept us at the edge of their seat through everything they’ve gone through. Even now, we look forward to every chance we can get to see this couple and what they’re going to do next and the new pictures for the special 100th episode seems to hint at something new for this couple. 4. Shannon/Cooter – Shooter  
Courtesy of Global Courtesy of Global
We actually thought that Coast Bieste finally met her perfect match but sadly didn’t happen when we found out what really happened in the Shooter household. This couple seemed like a match made in heaven and then the shocking revelation of their abusive relationship caused fans to become upset that the Bieste didn’t get the happy ending she always wanted. Now, we can only hope that the next guy who comes along would be perfect for her.   3. Santana/Britanny – Brittana  
Courtesy of Tumblr Courtesy of Tumblr
Three break-ups, one episode. It was one of the hardest Glee episodes to watch and we still cannot believe that Brittana is over. One of the most fan-driven couples, we have watched them go from their first “sweet lady kisses” to the first time that they said “I love you” to each other. Even as Santana was singing “Mine” by Taylor Swift, we still couldn’t believe it was over. We can only hope that the return of Heather Morris will allow this couple to get back together. Or so we hope.  

2. Kurt/Blaine – Klaine

Courtesy Glee Wikia Courtesy Glee Wikia
  The second break-up of the episode was one of the most beloved couples on the show. Even though we all know that they do, in fact, get back together we weren’t sure what was going to happen after that episode. What started off into a mentorship between Kurt and Blaine turned into one of the most beautiful relationships seen on the show, and now we certainly can’t wait to see what happens next to this wonderful couple, which remains to be the only couple who got back together after the episode.   1.     Rachel/Finn – Finchel  
Courtesy of Glee Wikia Courtesy of Glee Wikia
The third and the most devastating of them all in the episode was Finchel and we still can’t believe it’s over. The thing that makes this the hardest break up of it all is the fact that there is no chance that these two will get back together after the death of Cory Monteith. They were the ones we have rooted for since the first episode and we still can’t believe that they are never going to be able to get back together. We’re just glad that their last conversation was a good one and that they were still on good terms before he passed.   Over 5 crazy seasons and 100 episodes, we have seen couples come and gone and we can’t wait to see what this special episode has in store for all the Glee couples and characters that are coming back.  

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