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March To The 100th Episode: Grab Your Go-Go Boots And Help Us Celebrate Glee's Tina Cohen-Chang

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03/18/2014 4:45 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
March To The 100th Episode: Grab Your Go-Go Boots And Help Us Celebrate Glee's Tina Cohen-Chang
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Kate McHale

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Jenna Ushkowitz started her performing career on Broadway; she moved to an acting career and hasn't looked back since. Some will know her from her time in Spring Awakening - Gleeks know her as a member of the original group on Glee. While she is a well-known actress, she also is an incredible author, having written Choosing Glee, a memoir based on her trials and hard work that got her to where she is.
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The memoir also gives her reader’s outstanding advice on how to be comfortable with who you are. Ushkowitz’s character Tina Cohen-Chang has definitely gone through her own changes through the years. She started out as a shy girl with a fake stutter who dressed like a punk rock chick. Now she is bold, empowered, and has an obsession with go-go dresses. Glee is a TV show that not only entertains fans, but also has the ability to teach them life lessons. Tina Cohen-Chang is a prime example of this; she was constantly looked over for solo after solo. She stuck with the glee club, found who she was, and is now a key member of New Directions. This didn’t come without trials, embarrassment, and many tears shed. She cares deeply about her fellow glee club members and honestly would probably do anything for them.
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Courtesy of rose-puckerman Courtesy of rose-puckerman
Courtesy of rose-puckerman Courtesy of rose-puckerman
Tina unlike most other glee club girls has only had two boyfriends: Artie Abrams and Mike Chang (no relation). Mike and Tina were absolutely adorable together, but it seems like her and Artie are somehow going to end up together. In their relationship they both encouraged and pushed each other. While balancing out each other out, their relationship was a tender and special one that will always be loved. The first time we heard Tina’s voice was in her version of “I Kissed a Girl,” but her part of “True Colors” would be considered her light bulb moment. Tina has never been the glee club member to have dozens of leads in songs or solos. However, when she got her opportunity, she shined. Her memorable performances include “Because You Loved Me,” “Dog Days Are Over,” and “Seasons of Love.” Just to name a few! While those are memorable, there are several other Tina Cohen-Chang songs or performances that just made every single Gleek step back in awe. Once Rachel Berry left Lima, that opened the door for many different glee club members to steal a few shining moments. Thankfully Tina was one of them. When the glee club stripped down “Wide Awake,” leaving every listener with chills and admiration for the singers involved, Tina had a definite shining moment as well. [embed][/embed] In Season 4 with bleed over into Season 5, Tina had a definitely change in personality. She was the queen now, and no one was going to stop her. She showed that by being named prom queen, getting the ultimate slushy, and then bringing the house down with her rendition of “Hey Jude” that she could handle the pressure of competition. In her final nationals appearance she, along with the rest of the seniors absolutely stunned the audience with their performances of classic hits. “More Than a Feeling,” was no exception. With assistance from Blaine, the two left it all out on the stage and performed their hearts out. [embed][/embed] Speaking of Blaine, you can’t talk about Tina, without mentioning her slight obsession turned amazing friendship with Blaine. Once Kurt broke up with Blaine, Tina wasted no time in trying to win Blaine’s heart over. There was a vapor rub incident and some major intervention that lead her to realize that Blaine was nothing more than her bestie. This easily led to one of the best friendships on the show. tbl Through the years, Tina has gone through the biggest journey to find who she really was. Tina Cohen-Chang is confident, fierce and a fighter. She is not going to back down, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make her star shine. The future for Tina is still unclear. Where is she going to go to college? While there is great uncertainty there one thing is clear: Gleeks will love the character of Tina 'til the end of Glee. As a member of the original glee club, she has been there from the beginning through every up and down. There’s a definite love for Jenna Ushkowitz as well because of the positivity she brings. Jenna has made Tina one of a kind character.

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