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March To The 100th Episode: Tolerance, Acceptance And Unconditional Love, A Celebration Of Glee's Eternally Lovable Burt Hummel

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03/12/2014 3:23 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
March To The 100th Episode: Tolerance, Acceptance And Unconditional Love, A Celebration Of Glee's Eternally Lovable Burt Hummel
Media Courtesy of Glee Wikia
Courtesy of Glee Wikia Courtesy of Glee Wikia

Kate McHale Staff Writer @KateMcHale42

Mike O’Malley has always portrayed very memorable characters, from Jimmy Hughes on Yes Dear, to the father that most people admire and look up to, the one and only Burt Hummel. Gleeks have gotten to know and love him as quite possibly the best television dad ever. From the minute Burt was showcased on the show, viewers got the sense that he was the typical guy’s guy who just so happens to be a mechanic. With his rough exterior most were apprehensive about his acceptance of Kurt, his gay son. Only he has the tough exterior with a heart of gold. Burt and Kurt had to deal with the tragic loss of the woman they both loved unconditionally, Burt’s wife and Kurt’s mother. Kurt, in order to have his father accept him, tried out for the football team as the kicker. He made the team and ended up kicking the game-winning extra point. This helped Kurt to come out to his dad. While Kurt had not officially come out to his father until he was a sophomore in high school, Burt said he always knew.  He went on to say that he loved him “just as much", instantly solidifying a place in every Gleek's heart. Burt gave people who needed love and support a “father” to look up to. Mike O’Malley has wonderfully portrayed such a loving and understanding father with such respect and charm. He is the ultimate father.
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While at first Kurt set his father up with Finn’s mom Carole in order to get closer to Finn, surprisingly the two parents fell in love, melting the two families into one and creating the Hudson-Hummel clan, an unconventional TV family that everyone fell in love with. Burt instantly fell into a category that Finn was not used to having, a father. Whenever Finn needed advice, someone to listen to his concerns, or a swift kick in the butt, Burt was there. While Burt was there for Finn, he was unconditionally there for Kurt, no matter what Kurt was going through or how much ridicule and bullying he was encountering. All the way back in Season 2 when Dave Karofsky was unmercifully bullying and threatening Kurt, Burt stepped in, draining his and Carole’s honeymoon fund in order to send Kurt to Dalton Academy to make sure his son had a safe environment to go to everyday. This even extended to making sure Finn gained an open mind towards his future stepbrother. For a time, Finn and Kurt were both set to live in the same room. This caused great apprehension on Finn’s part. He even went to the extreme to call a lamp Kurt put in their room “faggy.” When Burt heard this he did what any parent would do--he stuck up for his son. From that point on, Finn practiced acceptance and understanding towards his future stepbrother, all thanks to one of Burt’s famous speeches and his also famous swift kick in the butt. Burt is so charismatic and caring, that it is hard to imagine him with his health scares. Both in Season 2 and 4, he was served with his fair share of trials. In Season 2, he has a heart attack, and his imminent future was in question, leading to one of the most emotional and heartfelt performances from Kurt with his rendition of “I Want to Hold Your Hand", which subsequently left Gleeks with very misty eyes and heavy hearts. That is, until they found out Burt was going to be fine. [embed][/embed] In Season 4, Kurt and Gleeks alike found out that Burt had been diagnosed with cancer, once again leaving an uneasy feeling with everyone. Thankfully Burt kicked cancers butt, obviously, and continued to show unconditional love towards his sons and those around him. While in Season 3, Burt successfully ran for Congress, just adding another star to his superman persona. Burt truly wants the world to be a better place, and is honestly willing to do anything to help out, especially when it comes to making sure Sue Sylvester is not elected to Congress. One thing that there is no denying is that Burt is driven with his passion for life, and the ones that he loves. He has also been in some of the most emotional scenes Glee has ever had--especially the Cory Monteith tribute, “The Quarterback.” The raw and true emotion that Mike O’Malley and Romy Rosemont brought to the scene is breathtaking. [embed][/embed] While Burt is not a main character, Gleeks love him like he is their own father. He makes people believe in who they are, while daring them to do different than the crowd. His wisdom extends far from the show of Glee, and into the real world. One cannot help but think that Mike O’Malley is the type of person who would do anything to make a person feel like they mean something. While Burt is fictional and Mike O’Malley is the real deal, they both have a heart bigger than their body. Mike has turned a reoccurring role into one of the most loved fictional characters. He brings love to the show, and changes the stereotype of a working class dad who just so happens to have a gay son. He looks past the fact his son happens to be gay, and loves him unconditionally. Mike O’Malley, you have portrayed Burt Hummel in such a way that people are affected by what he says, but only in a good way. Gleeks are forever grateful for your desire and love for the character you play, not to mention the incredible relationship both on and off screen with your TV son. Here’s to hoping that fans are able to see many more Burt and Kurt scenes that instantly make us smile. [embed][/embed]

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