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Marco Polo Attends The Festival Of The 'White Moon' In Sixth Episode

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 12:57 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Marco Polo Attends The Festival Of The 'White Moon' In Sixth Episode | Marco Polo
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Welcome Marco Polo fans, as we’re here for the first recap of the first season’s second half. The episode is called “White Moon” and has a whole lot of jewels to unveil. This one kicks off with a flashback to when the Khan took over the Blue Princess’ land and got her as a hostage. It turns out the one we know as Kokachin is not the real royal lady, as the original one killed herself at the time and a servant took her place. In real time, her protector once again shows his dislike of the guy she gives jewelry to, wishing to kill him. With Marco Polo’s relatives on their way, Kudai’s daughter, Khutulun, arrives and requires the Latin to take her to Khan. Kublai keeps back what he knows when asked about the outcome of the explorer’s trip by Jingim, with the latter’s cousin interrupting to present herself and suggest staying close to protect her uncle. She is treated a bit like a lady though, and her warrior soul doesn’t enjoy that. As the Mongols prepare for the Festival of the White Moon, Marco asks the Blue Princess what’s wrong with her riding over the grassland and leaving gems under the tree, with her revealing the truth. Before you know it, he offers to do it for her. Jingim desperately wants to know what happened at Polo and Byamba’s trip, so he tries asking his brother without any luck, threatening to take his life if anything happens to their father. The tax collector’s family is questioned about their missing member and his potential involvement in the murder attempt against the Khan. Even though they reveal he had visited the land of Hashshashin, they make it obvious that such visitors are completely unwanted. Kokachin is seen taking a walk around with Khutulun and the Empress, and she dares to speak her mind on the people’s devotion and how the Khan’s family is not direct to them. According to her, they should be aware of how they feel, before Kublai walks among them during the Festival. However, the Empress is slightly offended, but Kudai’s daughter claims that her uncle will be perfectly safe. As it turns out, Mei Lin had her daughter with the dead Emperor of Song, and the Empress criticizes Sidao for making her suffer. Once again, he moves forward to it unbothered.  Mei Lin’s friend is sent to Kublai’s land to deliver a killing order, while she also reveals the news of the young girl’s suffering. With suspicion touching red, Ahmad talks with Marco Polo and Byamba about the incident of the tax collector’s corruption, but no solution is given. In a moment of bliss, the Empress of Song tells Sidao he’s fired for good, with a new Chancellor already found, willing to negotiate peace with the Mongols. The Latin and Byamba next take their interrogating quite of quest to Yusuf, leaving with a new suspect in hand. At the same time, Jingim shares with Ahmad that their father didn’t tell him the truth about what he knew. While training with his blind tutor, Marco Polo fails to concentrate and talks things out with the man.  As he wishes to report Yusuf for hiding behind his words, his tutor advises him indirectly not to do so, unless he’s certain. Marco informs Kublai about the late tax collector’s visit to the land of Hashshashin, but he doesn’t reveal who might have sent him. Yusuf has been hearing their conversation though, so as to be convinced that the Latin is a decent man. However, he’s in fear that his father might be involved. As Mei Lin prepares for her mission with some deadly lipstick applied on her lips, Khutulun visits Byamba and the two speak of Marco Polo, before getting into a swords fight. The Khan plays with his whores as the Empress watches, before Mei Lin jumps in. Once she’s invited to bed, Chabi denies a kiss and so she gives it to the other whore. To no one’s suspicion, the latter ends up dead shortly after. Sidao makes a fool out of the new Chancellor of Song for hoping to make peace with the Mongols, while Marco Polo pays a visit to the guy Kokachin gives jewels to. Finding out his love for her and their cancelled marriage, the explorer makes clear that he’ll be delivering the gems to him from that point on, but doesn’t give him the one he’s holding. Instead, he hands it at the tax collector’s family, so they can start a life anew. Completely confused, the Latin finds Kokachin and wants answers regarding her alleged marriage to a slave, without getting a direct answer. However, another wedding is on the way for her, as the Empress wants her to marry Jingim. With everything turning out well at the Festival of the White Moon, Mei Lin appears in the crowd and makes a fuss, in an attempt to kill the Khan’s wife. Did she make it? Well don’t stay there waiting, go watch “White Moon” to find out and make sure you’re here for our recap of the next one of Marco Polo.

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