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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Find Out What 'The Scholar's Pen' Can Do In Marco Polo's Seventh Episode

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/22/2015 4:01 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Find Out What 'The Scholar's Pen' Can Do In Marco Polo's Seventh Episode | Marco Polo
Media Courtesy of Tumblr
Hello Marco Polo fans! Here’s another recap, this time of the show’s seventh episode, “The Scholar’s Pen”. Fresh from Mei Lin’s failed attempt at killing Empress Chabi, this one kicks off with a flashback to Sidao and his sister’s childhood. Despite being the younger of the two, she was the one bringing the money and in control of their spending. Now facing justice in Khan’s court, Mei Lin reveals that she was aiming to kill the Empress, after Sidao’s orders. She soon reveals everything about her daughter’s life, in an effort to save herself from death. She even promises to help the Mongols take down Song, if they keep her daughter safe. Despite Kublai’s intention to get her killed, the Empress eventually convinces him to spare her so she can be useful. Mei Lin wakes up in Ahmad’s room, as he gets a bit personal about her past and current state. She will be spared and heal properly, but will have to share her knowledge later on. Over at Song, the lady’s friend lied to the Chancellor about the outcome of his sister’s mission, so she can keep her daughter alive. Revealing it all to the Empress, she is advised to keep the girl safe and make sure the lie is believed long enough for Sidao to stop being in charge. Kublai orders the blind monk to make his way to Song and kill Sidao, while accompanied by Marco Polo. The master of war craft reveals that he might never return from such a trip, but the Emperor didn’t expect him to in the first place. The Khan’s wife, Empress Chabi, summons the Blue Princess, who is worried that her true identity might come to light. Meanwhile, Marco is informed about his mission to accompany his tutor and gather information regarding Song’s defenses, so the two men soon start riding there. Sidao is enjoying his last moments as the Chancellor by sharing a meal with his whore, Mei Lin’s friend. At his request, she repeats her lie about Empress Cabi being dead. As Marco Polo and Hundred Eyes ride their way there, Byamba and Kudai’s daughter organize their armies to fight Song, with the two having to wrestle in order for the latter to prove herself – well, he wins. The Blue Princess does meet The Empress and the two get intimate about their past. It is rather obvious what the latter has in mind, really. At the same time, Jingim shares his doubts of Marco Polo with Ahmad, who promises to help him lower the Khan’s esteem for the Latin if he fails his mission this time around. Sidao speaks to the Empress of Song about the Khan’s wife murder, assuming that his sister was killed too. She judges him for feeling no pain for her or her daughter, but he doesn’t mind. Soon enough,  he asks to stay around to see the outcome of it all after his removal, but it’s made clear to him that he’s got no place in the palace. As Marco Polo and Sifu enter the Walled City safely and prepare for their purpose, it turns out the Blue Princess went riding with the Empress. Back at Khan’s court, the later finds the right opportunity to bring her son in their conversation, but soon one of his wives interrupt.  While preparing for war, Byamba gives Kudai’s daughter a lecture about letting her win, but they soon end up kissing and talking about getting married. Hundred Eyes and Marco get serious on their missing by finding Mei Lin’s friend who will help them. As the Blue Princess advises her former lover to leave Khan’s court without her, after realizing the Empress’ intention of marrying her to her son, Sidao has a word with Mei Lin’s whore friend. Thankfully, she stays on the plan and plays nice, with him showing some intimate feelings about her. On the coronation day of Song’s new Emperor, Hundred Eyes goes in to kill that son of a bitch, as Marco Polo prepares the horses for them to leave. As the Emperor is headed to his throne, Sidao attacks the new Chancellor before signing his papers and Sifu jumps in for the battle. As he fights with both men and some guards, the new Chancellor ends up dead. The blind monk gets out of the room and prepares to leave with Marco, without having killed Sidao, taking Mei Lin’s daughter with them. As the men ride back, Sidao surprises the Empress of Song with his entrance to the room and some words for the new Emperor. Despite not killing the Chancellor, Marco Polo does return with a way to hit Song and so Kublai gathers his armies and they all march towards the Walled City. Will they manage to take them all down? Make sure you don’t miss the next episode and PopWrapped’s accompanying recap for it to find out.

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