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Television PopWrapped | Television

Marco Polo Gets To Attend 'The Feast' In Series' Third Episode

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/10/2015 10:12 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Marco Polo Gets To Attend 'The Feast' In Series' Third Episode | Marco Polo
Fresh after Kublai Khan cut his brother’s head off and kept his position as the Great Khan in last week’s episode of Marco Polo, we’re moving forward to one mysterious slaughter. During one of the now well-known training sessions, also known as the times Marco Polo gets his ass kicked in every episode, the explorer finds out about the world of Kung Fu. However, he’s not really that close to it as one can see. At the same time, Kublai is resting from his past battle and the Blue Princess is still being monitored by her protector. Over at the Walled City, Song, that bitchy Chancellor is seen praising his army, but giving the soldiers a hard time about making fun of his insect-related activities. Being the regular show-off, he beats the best one of them down and puts an end to his life. Over at Kublai’s court, he’s revealing his final say on killing his brother by giving all of his belongings and land to his cousin, Kaidu. With defeating the Song rebels becoming the subject of discussion once again, the Emperor seems to need his time to think about it all. He will indeed take a break though, by attending Kaidu’s celebration in his honor. Soon enough, the meeting is interrupted by a package sent from Song’s Chancellor, filled with the heads of the Khan’s soldiers that were kept as prisoners. Meanwhile, some kind of auditions is held to get some new ladies for Khan’s very own whorehouse, with the Chancellor’s sexy-yet-dangerous sister standing among them. Marco Polo gets to follow the Blue Princess once again and watches her closely, finding out that she’s hiding stuff close to a tree for someone to find – with that someone soon arriving to pick it up. It turns out she’s leaving jewelry for someone to sell, but the explorer’s quest fails to give him answers. However, even the lady’s protector is worried about her well-being and a talk between the two gets pretty intense. Kublai summons the Latin man and right before he presents himself in front of the Khan, Marco is advised by his blind tutor to stay away from the Blue Princess. With some talk about brotherhood, with the Bible’s Cain and Abel involved, Marco ends up invited to the feast. The Chancellor is seen playing with his insects once again, while looking after his sister’s little daughter. While he gets intimate with his niece’s servant, his sister gets to the final stage of the Khan’s whorehouse auditions. However, she fails to be picked and is supposed to end up at some random brothel.  As the Great Sire seems unwilling to attend the tribute feast, he gets some insight regarding Marco Polo’s presence in his court. With the celebration beginning, Kaidu doesn’t seem very happy that the Khan has sent Jingim in his place. Marco arrives at the same time and is quick to notice his love interest, but then gets to wander around the place and find out everything involved in the feast. With strategy talks getting intimate between the Khan and the Empress, Marco seems to have found a way to keep himself busy at the event. A wrestling invitation by a beautiful lady soon turns into a straightforward sex invitation, an intense and pretty public one. While Kublai is still worried about cutting off his brother’s head, the feast goes on with Marco Polo sharing some details regarding his own culture’s celebrations. Soon, he finds out the girl he had sex with was Kudai’s daughter, who was also supposed to be a virgin. With Khan’s cousin being continuously ironic towards Jingim, he doesn’t hesitate to challenge him to battle with one of his warriors, but Marco offers to take his place. With the Blue Princess watching, he fails to make a good impression when his latest lover jumps in the field to save him. Prince Jingim feels embarrassed after attending the feast and he gets into a heated conversation with his father. The latter ends up giving his son a lecture, in an effort to teach him a thing or two about becoming a man. Once Marco is called in front of the Khan to speak about his experience, he fails to tell the truth about the way Jingim was treated. That makes Kublai furious and he kills another man that was present, so that he can leave the explorer unpunished without anyone calling him out. As the Chancellor’s sister has found her way in Kublai’s room, she’s now seen on top of him and all the Empress does is watch. Meanwhile, Marco gets to ride back at the tree regularly visited by the Blue Princess. He gets to open the treat hidden this time around but it turns out that one was intended to be the last one. Make sure you watch “The Feast” to find out what Marco Polo is facing in the cliffhanger of the finale and don’t miss the next one!

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