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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Marco Polo Takes 'The Fourth Step' In Episode #4

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 10:57 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Marco Polo Takes 'The Fourth Step' In Episode #4 | marco polo
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Hey there Marco Polo fans; it’s time for our weekly recap of the show once again! Last time, we left the explorer being attacked by a deadly snake, so in this week’s episode, “The Fourth Step”, we get to find out how things turned out for him. It all kicks off with Marco making love to the Blue Princess under their by now well-known tree. However, it’s all an illusion from the snake’s poison. The Latin has managed to survive the attack against all odds, with Jingim advising him to be more careful. Soon as the Prince gets to report the latest news on Marco’s health to the Khan, we get to see that the Song Chancellor’s sister, Mei Lin, has her hands all over the Emperor now. With Song requesting a parley, the Mongolian party seems to be willing to come to terms with that. The Empress of the Walled City notices Mei Lin’s absence and gives the Chancellor, Sidao, a lecture about it all. What we get to notice though is that he’s still taking care of his sister’s daughter, who is now all around the new, young Emperor of Song. Marco runs to warn the Blue Princess, Kokachin, but is sent away by her protector. As Jingim sits there all bitter, the Empress once again shakes the water by having a chat with him.  With Siado’s sister sending him an urgent message, Kublai gives the final order for a parley, led by Jingim. As the explorer tries to grab his sword to protect the Blue Princess, he’s halted by his blind teacher and hit by the news of his father’s return. When the two finally meet, he’s not really that pleased by his visit and asks for a sword in order to achieve his goal. We soon find out those merchants are really up to some smuggling. The Latin won’t stop before he secures the protection of the Blue Princess, so he finally gets to kick some ass by getting answers regarding the man who puts her in danger. Seriously, this is the most badass of him we’ve seen this far. While he mistakenly threatens the guy, he ends up in a dungeon with his relatives, over their doings. While Jingim gets in some serious negotiations for the parley, the three Latin men end up explaining themselves, chained in front of the Khan. At the same time, Sidao is entertained by a lady, when his sister’s message arrives. It turns out the Empress has asked for parley herself and is ready to get his ass kicked out of authority, after making peace with the Mongolian Emperor. Over at Kublai’s court, Marco Polo is summoned once again to speak of his father in front of the Great Khan. The latter reveals that he is aware of the explorer’s innocence and he will be spared, unlike his father and uncle. The Blue Princess pays a visit to her mysterious man, who tells her of Marco’s actions. However, we realize it was her who put the snake in order to probably kill that guy. Meanwhile, Jingim returns to report his successful deal of peace with Song. Happy from the news, Kublai attempts having sex with his wife, but she’s rather jealous of Mei Lin’s presence in his life and doesn’t let the Khan get his way. As the Sire is entertained by the celebration thrown in honor of his son’s diplomatic victory, the Empress is teaching Mei Lin how to move in order to please her man. Meanwhile, Sidao is breaking the legs of poor Mei Lin’s daughter, as a payback for not getting that message to him soon enough. As if we haven’t had enough already, his men from Song get to ruin the peace, by killing everyone before returning to the Walled City. Marco Polo is enjoying the company of the Great Khan, during some kind of a chess game. As the two discuss, the explorer is found in the difficult position of picking his relatives’ punishment, in terms with the Mongolian rules. Don’t miss this great episode of Marco Polo and make sure you’re here for the next one, to find out what the boy will decide.

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