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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Marco Polo Is "The Wayfarer" In Series' First Episode

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/22/2015 4:03 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Marco Polo Is
Netflix’s brand-new, epic and over-hyped drama, Marco Polo, has finally premiered. From now on, you’ll be able to follow your new favorite show with weekly recaps on PopWrapped. So let’s start with the premiering episode, “The Wayfarer”. We are first introduced to the world and land of Kublai Khan, before taken right in front of his throne. Marco Polo manages to grab the Mongolian Emperor’s attention - and the eyes of his love interest - and his father doesn’t hesitate to offer him as a serant for the sake of trading deals. Soon enough, he gets washed and shaved, before ending up in a dark dungeon. Three years earlier and all the way back to Venice, where the well-known explorer comes from, we get to see a great moment in his past. The first meeting with his father finds the latter returning from a trade-centric journey and finding out that his wife has passed several years ago, but left him a son behind. Marco asks to join him when he sets sail again and despite his father’s negative answer, he ends up hidden on the ship. From that point and on, things haven’t been exactly sweet between the two men, but Marco had a lot to learn and was not willing to give up. The life of a wayfarer is not an easy one to live, but it is full of adventures indeed. As the group of traders make their way through the hardest of conditions over the years, things get more intimate between them and the explorer is soon informed about his forthcoming meeting with Kublai Khan. Back to reality, Marco is suffering while being prisoned and that doesn’t look much like the adventure he expected to live. Meanwhile, Kublai Khan is having a meeting with his counsellors and other people, putting their doubts and arguements to an end, by revealing his intentions of becoming the Emperor of the entire world, by taking over the rebellious Walled City. Over at the Chinese city, the Emperor is very sick in bed but a very ambitious Chancellor is looking to take over things. At the same time, the latter’s sister is up to some diplomacy with the Governor of Suzhou by offering him some good sex and the feeling of fear, as she can very well kill him while being on top. Marco Polo keeps himself busy by carving a ship on the floor of the dungeon with a rock, but the guards soon take him and his adventure truly begins. It all starts with being taught how to fight and everything else follows. Learning to write and speak languages, riding a horse, hawking and archery among others. He soon gets to present himself in front of the great Khan, who gives him freedom and wants him to follow a tax collector, but come back and claim what he had seen in his very own, vivid way. Prince Jingim is preparing to march his way to the Walled City and take it for his father, but he first has to visit all three of his wives. Yes, it’s time for some on-camera sex once again, with the Mongolian wife looking to get pregnant. As the warriors leave for battle, Marco makes his way in the city and there’s some romance for him, as he once again sees the girl he likes. However, he’s soon advised to stay away from her for his own good. Over at the Walled City’s court, the Empress is looking to make truce with the Mongolian Emperor, but the Chancellor is not really keen on the idea. Over at Khan’s court, Marco is still being trained but keeps getting his ass kicked by his blind tutor. Soon enough, he is summoned by Kublai and the blind master of fighting proves his brilliance by beating a poisonous snake. Things don’t turn out to be as peaceful as expected for the marchers on the battlefield, as they seem to be outnumbered by the enemies. Despite being advised to retreat, Khan’s son doesn’t seem willing to go back home without a victory. Meanwhile, the Emperor wants Marco to prove his loyalty by going through an horde of naked women in some kind of whorehouse, without touching any. Will Marco Polo succeed in his test and what could possibly go down in battle? Make sure you don’t miss our next recap to find out.

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