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Maria Hill Makes Her Way Back To S.H.I.E.L.D In This Week's Episode, "Nothing Personal"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/01/2014 12:34 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Maria Hill Makes Her Way Back To S.H.I.E.L.D In This Week's Episode,

DJ SoundBite

Staff Writer


Ted Mosby Voiceover: Kids, in the Spring of 2014, your Aunt Robin finished filming the HIMYM finale. After the spectacular failure of the final episode, she dumped my ass and joined SHIELD and took on a new identity of Maria Hill… That’s right; Agent Hill is back on this week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD. A few days ago I finally got down to my local cinema and watched Captain America: Winter Solider. Apart from being a kick-ass movie, it really will help you to follow this week’s installment. It is not essential, but it will make more sense out of the episode. We open in Washington DC. Maria Hill talking on the phone to Pepper Potts (Since she is working at Stark Industries now…WATCH THE MOVIE!) talking about how she is being followed by an FBI agent posing as a hipster, woman at the bus stop and homeless man…they turns around and they all look dead. May comes out of the shadows and just knocked them out so they could talk. May is surprised Hill is still about but she tells them most people of the government wanted to drop her in a dark hole but they can't get through Tony’s lawyers. She says Coulson needs help, but due to the events of the last episode, he isn’t taking it from her. It turns out both Hill and May covered the TAHITI project up and they are worried Pierce ordered the rewriting of Coulson's brain (again watch the movie if you don’t know who Pierce is). Back at Providence- The cameras have been disabled and the only camera shows May leaving and Skye and Ward taking the Bus. They are wondering where Eric is and why everyone left. Fitz notices in one office the picture is night and in the corridor the picture is day. At the same time, Simmons goes into the store room and finds Eric’s body. The picture was jammed by Skye with the picture saying “Ward Is Hydra.” Fitz is upset with this development and almost is in denial. Simmons does an autopsy and she comes to the conclusion that Ward did it. Fitz loses his control and Coulson tells him to focus to help Skye. Coulson and Tripp get the computers back online and they work out that Ward came back for Skye to get the drive. Just then Providence defense goes up as the gun turrets are activated. On the plane, Skye is leading Ward to LA to the dinner where she met Mike Peterson (and the series began). Ward also subtly takes Skye’s gun away from her citing they don’t want to be picked up on concealed weapon charges. When they get to the dinner Skye says it will take a few hours to decrypt. As the time slips away Ward starts getting impatient- the computer says location is encrypted (because it is not the right location). Just then a few cops walk in. Coulson and the team think they should be safe behind the bunker doors until they are deactivated. Instead of Hydra, it is Special Forces lead by Coronel Tabbot. Coulson asks how he found this place and Maria Hill comes in behind him. Tabbot separates the team and is interrogating them. Hill tells Coulson they made a deal that they will hand over this secret base to the government and he walks away free, however his team would be left to the system. Coulson tells Hill the entire situation and that by her actions she is screwing up the rescue. As a way to make amends Coulson and Hill beat up the soldiers and escape to go rescue Skye… …Ok time out. Hill essentially threw them under the bus. I understand it’s ‘everybody for themselves’ but I find it hard to believe an agent of her reputation and clearance level would throw good agents to the wolves. It seems out of character and done just to create tension and a plot point…but if this is the only fault I can find, you know this is a good series! …Anyway, Ward is getting nervous with the cops continuously looking at them. Skye talks about his time as a deep cover operative and starts talking about how Ward killed Garret. The police start ushering people out of the diner and as Ward says they have been made, she corrects him saying she tipped them off. Ward fights the cops as she runs outside and drives off in the cop car. Deathlock appears at the end of the road and jumps on the car and stops her escape. On the Bus, Ward is pissed Deathlock interfered. Skye says she is not going to give the location up. Deathlock says he has 5 minutes to get the information. Skye gets a few punches on Ward and he says it wasn’t personal. She calls him a Nazi which he says he isn’t; he says he is a spy. He also says he wouldn’t her hurt and he lays the feelings on her of how much he cares for her. She doesn’t believe it and says she will never give him what he wants… …Ok hold on a second…are you meaning to tell me Ward really does have feelings for Skye? That it wasn’t an act but he just keeps focusing on the mission? This is very dangerous territory. I will be so angry if he changes sides at the last minute because of the power of love. I will literally never be able to forgive the show if they take the easy way out. Ward is a villain, a layered villain sure, but don’t fall into cliché territory and redeem him at the end. Just don’t do it!... Deathlock tries to decrypt the drive with no luck. He gets his orders “Garrett is done waiting. Go to Plan B.” Ward and Deathlock come in saying time is up. Skye tries to appeal to Deathlock and he says he left his son in their care and SHIELD is compromised. Hydra can hurt his son whenever they want. She says he won’t hurt her and he agrees, then shoots Ward with an electronic chip (from the movie). It stops his heart. If she doesn’t tell him how to access the drive Ward dies. She says the location is an altitude of 30,000 feet. Deathlock restarts Ward’s heart and Ward is pissed but gets the plane in the air. Just as they are about to take off Hill is on the tarmac with a plane which causes a standoff. She tries to bluff that they will be shot from the air but he calls it and takes off. The whole point was so Coulson could sneak onto the plane. He finds Skye and she asks howhe got past Deathlock, whom he didn’t know was on the plane. Coulson opens the hanger door as Deathlock approaches. They get in Lola and he uses the car defense to fire at Deathlock and fall out of the plane. Coulson activates the hover but it is not working (and then does in the nick of time) and land in a valet area. (Very funny comedy). On the plane Ward wants to go after Skye but Deathlock says they have their orders and they continue back to base. The whole team is at a motel. Hill says there is no SHIELD anymore and that Coulson should let the team walk away. She leaves, but not before suggesting she come work with her at Stark Industries. Fitz and Simmons are by the pool having a moment and Skye tells Coulson she left Ward a ‘present’ when she decrypted the drive. The episode fades with the team hanging by the pool not knowing what to do. During the episode, we saw May at a graveyard, digging up Coulson’s empty casket. Inside was a hard drive about TAHITI project. As Coulson goes in to his motel room, May is waiting for him. She opens the report for him to watch. It turns out it is a recording of Coulson. He was in charge of the project but was resigning. He couldn’t let the testing continue. Fury started the project to save a mortally wounded Avenger but the side effects are too extreme. They had initial success, but after the repair the subjects began suffering mentally (such as psychosis). He was not sure if it was the knowledge of what was done and memory replacement was the only way of stemming it but the results varied. He says under no circumstances should the drugs be administered. The recording ends and Coulson says in shock ‘huh.’ I think I just had a nerdgasm. So much awesomeness this episode. The acting was amazing, especially Fitz's reaction to the betrayal of one of his true friends. The grief he goes through really sold me that this was not something he has gone through and he didn’t know how to handle it. The comedy in this episode was fantastic. The previously mention valet scene really made me chuckle. The reveal of what the TAHITI project was about was a great twist I didn’t see coming, and with only 2 episodes left for series 1, I have no idea what is going to happen. This almost never happens to me in a series so this is one of the many reason this is a must watch show. 4/5! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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