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Mark Ruffalo Feels The Bern In Interview With Bernie Sanders

Ursula Martinez | PopWrapped Author

Ursula Martinez

04/22/2016 3:57 pm
PopWrapped | Politics
Mark Ruffalo Feels The Bern In Interview With Bernie Sanders | Mark Ruffalo
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Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers, Foxcatcher, Spotlight) has not been shy about his support for Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. He has appeared in the Presidential hopeful’s ads and has even been seen campaigning with Sanders in New York City last September and in Iowa early this year.

Mark Ruffalo’s latest show of support for Senator Sanders has just been posted to the former’s Facebook. It’s an interview/conversation with Sanders while they walk around New York. They start at Brooklyn College, near where Sanders grew up, and they talk about his childhood and old pictures of him as a child are shown.

Bernie Sanders and Mark Ruffalo talk about education, saying that it’s not a radical idea to have “virtually free” education in public colleges, as it was decades ago. Sanders states: “You have countries all over the world today who provide free college because they want to invest in the future of their nation. They don’t want kids to be going bankrupt when they, you know, get out of school fifty thousand dollars in debt. And it used to be the case in the United States of America.”

The pair then walks around Sanders’ childhood neighborhood as they talk about immigration and how many people in the area were descendants of immigrants. They state that one of the country’s strengths is its pluralism and diversity, and Sanders says “I think we do better when we are people who appreciate, who love, respect, people from all over the world who bring their own values and traditions, and become part of the American experience.”

Mark Ruffalo gets more personal when he asks Senator Sanders about his mother, who died at 46, and if he thinks she would be proud of him. His answer: “Oh God. Well, more than proud. I think it would have been an unbelievable something that they would have never conceived. You know when you come from a rent controlled apartment, you know, you don’t talk about kids becoming President of the United States. That’s not… that’s not in the discussion.”

While they keep walking, Ruffalo then switches the subject to Sanders’ years in Chicago and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, while being a “white kid”, even going as far as being arrested for his belief of – what Sanders calls – was a “sense of justice.”

The duo ends the interview sitting down and talking about their childhood ideals, and how Sanders didn’t have to give them up while growing up. Senator Sanders ends on a beautiful note saying: “People now, through this campaign, I think, are sensing that they’re not alone. And that’s a big deal.”

This week's New York Presidential Primary Election was crucial for Sanders. He has gained a lot of momentum by winning seven of the last eight primaries and New York holds 247 delegates up for grabs, the largest amount of delegates in any State. However, Hillary Clinton, twice elected Senator of New York, is likelier to win the race there.

Even so, there is still some good news for Bernie Sanders, as an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey released yesterday has him only 2 points below Clinton, nationally. That is a huge win for Sanders, who trailed Clinton by 9 points in the same poll held a month ago.

Matthew Cooke, who directed the well-received documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs, and who is also an enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporter, directed the interview video.

You can check out the 6-minute video of the interview below.



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