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Marvel Announces Its "Mighty Avengers" Title!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/10/2013 12:42 am
PopWrapped | Comics
Marvel Announces Its

Lisa Hafey

Staff Writer

Recent readers of Marvel Comics’ website will be familiar with a graphic entitled, “Mighty”. This featured over the past few days, a growing number of icons, each update showing a new superhero. Speculation was rife that Marvel would launch a new Mighty Avengers title out of their incoming Infinity event series. This was confirmed on Friday.

The Mighty Avengers comic, starting in September, will be led by Luke Cage, with Monica Rambeau (Spectrum) as field leader. The team will consist of with She-Hulk, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, White Tiger, Superior Spider-Man, Falcon, Ronin, and Power Man.

Al Ewing, with Greg Land illustrating, will write Mighty Avengers.

Al Ewing spoke about the new title. “Monica Rambeau will be on the team. She’s the field leader. New costume, new name, kind of rejoining and rebranding herself. She’ll be called Spectrum.

"Ronin is the character find of 2013. We batted around some ideas for him with putting on the Ronin suit. We’ll find out in issue #1 why we can’t know who he is. I feel like even revealing his gender I’ve said too much. This is the man who will be Ronin. His mystery will be explored in the first year."

Marvel’s SVP and Executive Editor, Tom Brevoort said,  “It’s a fairly key ‘Infinity’ component. When the core Avengers team leaves earth to deal with the threat known as the Builders and Thanos attacks the planet they leave behind, this team forms around Luke Cage in order to battle back again the Mad Titan.

“That will be the core cast that makes up this book…really the course of our first number of issues will show our cast coming together.

“Immediately, I thought of a niche. I’m pretty sure this was the niche you guys were going for anyway, but it was for a team of Avengers on the ground as part of the community – almost a community outreach thing,”

So – are you eagerly anticipating the new Mighty Avengers?


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