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Marvel vs DC – a Comic Battle at the Box Office: Who Reigns Supreme?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/11/2013 7:27 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Marvel vs DC – a Comic Battle at the Box Office: Who Reigns Supreme?

Lisa Hafey

Staff Writer

Why do Marvel comic movies seem to do better at the box office than DC ones?

The Walt Disney Company is behind Marvel Films these days: could that be the reason?

But then again, Time Warner owns DC – so it can’t be down to promotional clout.

Or is it due to the stable of characters – do Marvel have a better “cast”, so to speak, to choose from, than DC – it wouldn’t be stretching the truth much to suggest that some films don’t need to be advertised, fans will watch them because of the characters featured.

Whatever the reason, according to Paul Sweeney, an analysis at Bloomberg Industries, claims that when it comes down to box-office earnings, Marvel performs 47% better than DC – a mind-blowing figure.  Last year’s The Avengers, took $1.5 billion worldwide.

This hasn’t always been the case – if you compare the two companies, DC has made more per film on average - $208+ million per film as opposed to Marvel’s $201+ million - but when you consider DC had a 20 year jump on Marvel, starting their comic films way back in 1966 with Batman The Movie, as opposed to Marvel’s 1986 outing, Howard the Duck – even taking into account the 20 year head start – Marvel still wins overall, with takings of more than $5 billion, as compared to $3 billion.

Sweeney adds in his report, “box-office inflation has helped Marvel outshine DC Comics because more of its movies were released in recent years. Marvel has debuted 13 films since 2007, while DC has only delivered seven.

“Average ticket prices have tripled since 1980, giving more recent films Hulk-sized dollar figures.”

So – what do you think?  Is it down to advertising clout, Disney compared to Time Warner? Or is it down to the cast of characters from each comic house? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because tickets have increased in value over that period of time?  Whatever the reason, it’s still a lot of money being made from films about cartoon characters!


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