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Mayhem Came To Boston In Being Human's 'That Time of Month'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/22/2014 12:16 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Mayhem Came To Boston In Being Human's 'That Time of Month'

Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer

As a descriptor chaos would be an understatement for episode 2 of Being Human’s season. Our beloved monsters Sally, Nora, and Aidan tried to free Josh of his werewolf form. From the first moment the episode started, things were all helter-skelter. Back in the 1700’s we see Aidan’s wife was drowned for harboring a vampire, but she was quickly brought back from the dead by dear Bishop. Freaking out, the pious woman runs for her life. Slightly miffed, Bishop quips, “Why must they always run?” In the modern world, Aidan and Susannah are reunited. Sally interrupts the duo, but not before Aidan admits to abandoning their son, Isaac, and Susannah admitting that she was afraid as well, but that he lived to be a grandfather. That fact is a lie. Susannah actually killed young Isaac as her first feed as a vampire. After over 200 years this mother still harbors grief and guilt over it. It seems that she has a nightly flogging session to repent as we see her whipping herself. The resident ghost, Sally, is quickly discovering her magical abilities. Not only is she able to start fires (as we saw last week), and find weird rooms in the middle of forests; she can also locate magical objects. In this episode, Sally uncovers Donna’s spell book, which she can hold! Sally also discovers that she can do magic. In a witty, but also revolting, turn, we discover new uses for menstruation blood - to cast spells. To add hilarity to the situation, we discover that Aidan has been able to smell whenever Nora is going through her monthly cycle. The awkwardness of the scene was a lovely break from the heaviness of the theme of the storyline. With a kiddie pool, water, the waning moon, and blood, Sally successfully casts a spell. From the dirty water, she draws a silver dagger. Ultimately, someone has to stab werewolf Josh and that job ultimately is placed on Aidan's shoulders. At first, it doesn't seem to work and the vampire believes he's killed his friend. However, as Sally time travels, Josh is reborn. He's back? Or is he? His eyes still hold a wolfish glow. That can't be good. To add to the episode, Susannah lets Aidan go live his life as he wants. This quickly leads to him returning to his home to discover his girlfriend Kat asleep in bed, but wearing a nightie. She wakes and admits to being covered in highlighter ink. Aidan doesn't care and after a romp, he admits he loves her. So, what did you think of the episode? Why do you think Susannah had that cross/steak weapon behind her back and what does she plan for it? Please, share your thoughts below!


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