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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Meet 'All Sah-him' On This Week's Arrow

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

05/05/2015 5:01 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Meet 'All Sah-him' On This Week's Arrow | Arrow
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After Oliver joined the League of Assassins in order to save Thea last week on Arrow, it’s time to find out what his brand-new alter ego, “Al Sah-him”, is all about. So let’s get to that! It all begins with Oliver being trained and brainwashed to forget his old self and become Al Sah-him. During a session, members of the League interrupt and bring Diggle as an intruder, with whom Oliver fights and kills! Don’t worry though, as it’s only some random guy that Mr. Queen sees as John due to some herb. The very first flashback finds the Yamashiro’s and Oliver in an infected area of China, unable to prevent the virus from spreading. Back to reality, Ra’s tells Oliver about a rival that he hesitated to kill and is still causing a fuss, so he wants him to kill his rival that means to be heir to the Demon. Back to Starling, we see Laurel confronting a criminal and underestimating him, with Nyssa saving her and the two bonding over dinner, until the former upsets her trainer by telling her about Oliver’s actions. Felicity and Thea are over at John’s, having dinner with the family and it seems he’s still going out on the field. Another flashback finds our gang discovering people of the U.S. army fooling the locals and infecting them with the virus, instead of the cure. Laurel apologizes to Nyssa for not telling her about Oliver earlier, but she finds out Al Sah-him will come for her friend soon and so he does. Laurel takes her to Diggle and Felicity so she can tell them the news, but she doesn’t get something and leaves; Laurel tracks her and gets them to help though. One more flashback finds the team bursting the virus into flames and leaving to reunite with Akio. In the present, Laurel tells John to let her face Oliver if needed, but he thinks it won’t come to that. Thea asks Felicity to join the action, but she ends up dishearted after being told what’s going on. Nyssa fights with Oliver on the same rooftop that Sara was killed and before he takes her life, John and the Black Canary interrupt with the Canary Cry and Al Sah-him is on his way. Nyssa was not very fond of the help she got though, while Laurel, John and Felicity are convinced that Oliver has changed. Al Sah-him returns empty-handed and tells Maseo what went down, saying they need to draw Nyssa out. Malcolm pays a visit to Thea after she called to ask for his help, so she can prevent her brother from killing. At the same time, John takes Felicity to his house and they find his daughter all alone. A call from Oliver soon comes in to reveal he’s got Lyla and wants Nyssa to give her back. The two of them meet with Laurel and Nyssa and even though John is more than willing to do the exchange, they get him to his senses. Lyla tries to do the same with Oliver, but not with much luck. The way is paved for another flashback finds the Yamashiro’s reuniting with their son and preparing to leave Hong Kong with Oliver during the chaos. Everyone is in place for the exchange and it does take place, but they didn’t search Felicity; so Lyla takes a couple of guns from her coat and fires at the assassins, with everyone going into a major fight scene. Nyssa does end up with them and just when Oliver is standing above John ready to kill him, Thea puts an arrow in his hand and gets him to leave. John, Felicity and Thea go back home and are obviously devastated by the “loss” of Oliver, as they’re the only thing left of him. Over at Nanda Parbat, Nyssa is taken in front of her father and he orders Al Sah-him to end her life. Oliver is standing above Nyssa and is ready to take her head with his sword, but Ra’s holds his hand at the very last moment. According to him, there’s no reason to spill her blood, when it can be used to unite their families if she marries Oliver. One more flashback finds the Yamashiro’s and Ollie getting ready to leave Hong Kong, when Tatsu realises that her son is infected. Felicity pays Thea a visit and they mourn the “loss” of their beloved, but the former insists they should go on with their lives and reveals that Roy’s alive. As John, Laurel and Felicity try to cope with the events, Ra’s has something different on his mind and he tells Oliver to unleash the Alpha and Omega virus to Starling, so he can properly complete his training and become the next Ra’s. The action never seems to cease with this show! Make sure you tune in next week for yet another episode of Arrow.

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