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"The Brave And The Bold": Arrow Meets Flash In This Week's Episode

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/04/2014 9:29 am
PopWrapped | Television
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Last week definitely was a very long one for us Arrow fans, as no episode was aired. Fresh from the premiere of yesterday's The Flash, which served as the first part of the two shows' crossover, Arrow now arrives for the second bit. So let's see what we got! For those of you who don't watch The Flash, Oliver, Felicity, and John were over at Starling city looking for the murderer with the boomerang we saw in Arrow's latest episode, but they ended up helping Barry Allen fight a metahuman. During their time there, Oliver unexpectedly met with the mother of his child and Star Labs are now looking into the DNA samples for Sara's murder. This week's episode is titled "The Brave And The Bold" and serves as the second part in the Arrow/Flash crossover event. It all kicks off with team Arrow out in the field looking for their criminal, but they fall on A.R.G.U.S. instead. It turns out the man killed in the finale of the previous episode was one of their agents after all, and even though they advise our vigilante to stay out of the case, he's not really keen on the idea and takes it back to the lair. The first flashback shows Amanda Weller with a guy who put a bomb somewhere in Hong Kong. As if we couldn't tell, she wants Oliver to torture him in order to find the location. Over at Palmer Technologies, Cisco and Caitlin from the Flash's Star Labs pay a visit to Felicity to help with the genetic samples. Well it could all have been done from distance, but they chose to show up instead to take a trip into the Arrow's world. Meanwhile, John tries to get his hands on the boomerang-guy's case and he turns to Lyla to achieve that. Soon enough his visit is turned into a killing-spree, as the criminal enters the facilities of A.R.G.U.S. and causes a disaster. Oliver and Roy are there to fight him and the Flash soon jumps in, but he manages to make a not-so-sweet escape. Lyla later reveals the guy is an ASIS agent, a specialist in guns and technology. Despite Oliver's doubts, both Arrow and Flash teams join their forces and Lyla's there too for assistance. They find out the creator of the boomerangs was previously arrested by detective Lance. After getting some clues from him, the team gets out in the wild again and find the guy who made those boomerangs, getting some information on the killer. Despite things working out as far as the investigation is concerned, Barry doesn't agree with Oliver's tactics and the two have a fall-out. The latter does share some opinions with Lyla about the extreme measures that need to be taken in order for the world to be saved from criminal activities, but it all soon ends up with them all in action. Another flashback finds Oliver interrogating the man who put a bomb in Hong Kong, but he doesn't seem to have the guts to torture him. Soon enough, the bomb is seen exploding and it all ends up worthless. As the gentlemen go out in the field to follow the tracking of the boomerang guy, they find out it was a set-up and he's gone for the girls back at the lair. Unfortunately, Lyla ends up hurt, but they manage to save her. "Flash"back time again, this time showing Amanda Weller giving Oliver a hard time about realizing that there are bad things that need to be done for the greater good. Torturing during an interrogation is of course the matter there, and she gets him to train on it. Felicity and Roy join Cisco and Caitlin at Thea's club for a little chat, while Barry speaks with Oliver about his tactics in the field. Felicity soon interrupts to let them know she's got the killer tracked for real, so the Arrow and the Flash go out to get him. However, things go south when he reveals there are five bombs ready to explode throughout Starling and they can't both get him and save the city. Despite the criminal's doubts, Barry runs for the bombs and Oliver stays in place for the bad guy. he kicks the killer's ass and gets him captured pretty quickly, while the former takes Cisco, Roy, Felicity and Caitlin to all five locations of the bombs and they manage to save the day for good. After all, Oliver does get something out of his talk with Barry and he doesn't kill the man. In the hospital, John finds Lyla waking up and proposes to her, after a series of jokes about them not being married took place throughout the episode. Back at the lair, the Flash team prepares to leave and it's time for goodbye with some gift-exchanging. Special thing is, Caitlin's got the genetic samples of Sara's murderer almost figured out and will hand them over once she's back at Star Labs. The final flashback shows Oliver in another interrogation and he means business this time around. Amanda Weller wants him to go all-in this time. Oliver has yet another talk with Barry and the two have some kind words to share. It all ends up with an epic face-off between Arrow and Flash, just so they know who would win in a battle between the two. And that's all for this week! Did you enjoy the crossover? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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