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Meet Girl Radical, The Eleven-Member Supergroup From *NSYNC's JC Chasez

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02/27/2014 3:10 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Meet Girl Radical, The Eleven-Member Supergroup From *NSYNC's JC Chasez
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  Gloria Ayee Staff Writer @GloriaYAyee I recently became aware of a new girl group called Girl Radical after seeing several Twitter posts that mentioned them. Girl Radical, an eleven-member pop group, is the brainchild of singer-songwriter JC Chasez (formerly of *NSYNC) and American Golden Globe Award-winning producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Harry (best known for his work with Madonna, P!nk, and Kelly Clarkson, just to name a few). Over the past few months I have been observing Girl Radical’s steady rise on the music scene, and noticed the group’s rapidly growing fan base after the release of Girl Radical’s debut single “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” and follow-up Christmas record “Santa (Bring Me My Baby).” JC Chasez and Jimmy Harry have described the rationale behind creating an eleven-member girl group, citing the popularity of supermassive pop groups in Asia. The duo was excited to introduce America to a novel musical group made up of individually talented performers. While I have been impressed with Girl Radical’s music, and the fact that each member is talented in their own right – the group is comprised of singers, actresses, professional dancers – I have been particularly struck by how fast their fan base is growing, and how committed Girl Radical’s members are to their fans and their fans are to them. In fact, the concept of Girl Radical appears to revolve around the idea of family and friendship, more so than simply around music and entertainment. The members of Girl Radical refer to JC Chasez and Jimmy Harry as “Dad” and “Uncle” respectively, and call Autumn Federici (who assists with management and promotion for Girl Radical) “Mom.” The fans call themselves the “RadFamily,” “RadicalFamily,” or “Radical Army.”
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While it is not surprising to see a relatively unknown artist or group gain popularity through social media and online promotion, I have rarely seen fans take it upon themselves to market and promote an individual artist or group’s music. Over the past week Girl Radical fans around the country have been contacting radio stations and media outlets around the clock, requesting that Girl Radical’s music be played. As I observed this massive effort by the “Radical Army” to promote Girl Radical, I decided to reach out to some of the fans to learn more about their relationship with the group, and why they felt it was necessary that they play such an active role in spreading the word about Girl Radical. The following are the responses I received from five Girl Radical fans that I interviewed, who describe themselves as proud members of the RadicalFamily. Their responses to my questions about their interest and involvement with Girl Radical shows why this pop group is sure to become one of the most talked about musical acts in the entertainment industry today. How did you first discover Girl Radical and their music? “I first learned about Girl Radical through JC Chasez's Twitter posts, around the time of the *NSYNC reunion for the VMAs.” — F.S. from Phoenix, AZ “I discovered Girl Radical on the Internet when I was nostalgically browsing and searching for news about *NSYNC. I came across a blurb about JC [Chasez] putting together a group. As a fan of *NSYNC, I decided to check Girl Radical out, and began following the group’s main account on Twitter as well as the accounts of the individual members. I also found their YouTube channel and was able to get a sneak peek of the group’s debut single, “Don't Get Me Wrong,” before the official release.” — R.G. from Havelock, NC “I heard about Girl Radical from following one of the group’s creators, JC Chasez, on Twitter.  I have been a huge JC fan since he was a member of the very popular boy band *NSYNC.” — K.K. from Holland, MI “I first heard about Girl Radical in 2013. Meeghan [one of the members of Girl Radical] had followed me on Twitter and started mentioning the group to me. I was interested in knowing more about this group and decided to follow all the individual member accounts on Twitter. Before Girl Radical released any of their own original music, they posted a YouTube video of themselves participating in a flash mob. I knew just from watching that flash mob video that they were going to have great music. Girl Radical has released two songs and music videos, and it is clear that these eleven girls are very talented.” — R.S. from Indianapolis, IN “I first learned about Girl Radical from following JC Chasez on Twitter. As a fan of JC's, I was curious about what his new passion was in the music industry. I then became interested in the fact that he and Jimmy Harry were putting together a pop super group made up of girls… something I wasn't familiar with.”  —  S.B. from Holland, MI How would you describe Girl Radical’s music? “Fresh! New! The ladies of Girl Radical offer something completely different than what a female solo artist can give or even a small duo/group. The eleven members each bring something unique to the table. The music has a catchy beat that you can't help but tap you foot or bob your head to. The hooks get stuck in your head and you find yourself singing throughout the day.” — R.G. from Havelock, NC “I would describe Girl Radical’s music as modern pop, something fresh and totally different. You never hear about an eleven-member girl group. Girl Radical’s music is clean and upbeat, something that I want my children to listen to. My kids sing and dance to it.” — K.K. from Holland, MI “Girl Radical's music is fun and carefree – and very catchy. I find myself singing "Don't Get Me Wrong" every now and then. My 20 month old loves dancing along to their music, too.” — F.S. from Phoenix, AZ “Fun, upbeat, pop… and addicting. Girl Radical’s two original songs “Don't Get Me Wrong” and “Santa (Bring Me My Baby)” are catchy and had me hooked from the first time I heard them. Their music has my four and five year old niece and nephews singing and dancing along. This is music we can enjoy and connect with together.” — S.B. from Holland, MI “I would describe Girl Radical’s music as a mix of things. They are pop and Hip-Hop... and other pretty cool stuff. They're music is unique, very fun and catchy. All of their songs are fun to dance to and listen to. Girl Radical’s music is appropriate for all ages.” — R.S. Indianapolis, IN Why were you interested in helping to promote Girl Radical via social media? “After I learned about the creation of Girl Radical, I became more interested in each of the [group’s members]. I started following all the group’s members on Twitter, and since then I have come to know them better as individuals and as a group. Each member of the group is very talented vocally and musically. When put together, they make Girl Radical a one of a kind group… I wanted to help get their name out to the rest of the world. Their music is for all age groups. Girl Radical is something that the United States has never seen – an eleven-member pop group! [The concept] is different. And the girls and everyone involved with them have worked hard to get their music heard. I felt that, as fans, social media was something we could use to help spread the word about how great Girl Radical is. Social media is right at our fingertips and radio stations, magazines and [other media outlets] use social media to connect with the world today. The ladies of Girl Radical deserve to have their music heard. They have worked hard as a group; they are talented, fun, and down to earth, sweet girls.” — S.B. from Holland, MI “I think that the members of Girl Radical are incredibly talented – there is no doubt about that. What really caught my attention is how genuine and unique each of them is, and how much they interact with their fans on social media. The ladies are easy to relate to, and good role models for the younger generation. [These qualities] are not something you see a lot from artists these days, but should be the norm, which is why I wanted to help spread the word about Girl Radical.” — F.S. from Phoenix, AZ “I wanted to help promote Girl Radical because I have come to know the members of the group personally. I love them like they are my sisters. They treat their fans (known as Fanadicals, the RadArmyRads, or Radical Family) with love and respect. They take time out of their day to talk to each and every one of us; they are so involved with their fans, and that is amazing. We are all like a huge family. In fact, the fans love each other too; we all talk to each other daily. It's amazing how people that were once strangers turn around and become some of the most important and loving people in your life. I wanted to help promote Girl Radical not only because of their great music and talent, but because I know the great people that they are. I believe they work hard and deserve to have their music on the radio. I am so glad to know and support these eleven girls. I love Girl Radical! — R.S. from Indianapolis, IN “If fans won't get Girl Radical’s music out there, who will? Girl Radical can make the music and JC [Chasez] can talk about it in interviews, but if no one is requesting their music, what does it matter? In order for radio stations to take notice, there has to be a demand for the music. Social media has given fans the opportunity to be promoters. Social media has brought fans together from across the United States (and around the world) making us a stronger voice. We are no longer little voices in Michigan or North Carolina. Twitter and Facebook give us a bigger voice, allowing us to reach people we could never have reached before. The more we tweet about Girl Radical, the louder we become, and radio stations are taking notice. We can't make the radio stations play Girl Radical’s music, but we can at least introduce the group’s music to the radio stations. There are no better promoters than fans.” — R.G. from Havelock, NC “I began supporting Girl Radical because of JC [Chasez]. He is an amazing producer and singer. Through Twitter, interviews, and their videos, fans have gotten to know the eleven members of Girl Radical. They are talented, hard working ladies who care about their fans. They communicate with us. It is truly an honor to try and spread the word about Girl Radical because they deserve to be known.  All we want is for them to get noticed. We have all grown to love these girls. We want the world to love them.” — K.K. from Holland, MI I reached out to Girl Radical’s management team asking them to comment on the massive promotional effort that Girl Radical fans have been undertaking on behalf of the pop group. Girl Radical provided the following statement: “Doing something we all love and seeing the incredible response from fans has been the most amazing part of Girl Radical. We appreciate everything the fans have done to support and grow the Girl Radical community. There aren’t just eleven of us anymore… there’s a whole army!” — Girl Radical. During a February 25 interview with Media Nite Radio, Girl Radical announced that it will be releasing it's next single, "You and Me Against the World," on March 11. Girl Radical is definitely a breath of fresh air on the music scene. Be sure to check out their two original songs, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “Santa (Bring Me My Baby).” For more information about Girl Radical, visit their website: and follow them on Twitter: @GirlRadical. Check out their debut single “Don’t Get Me Wrong” below! [embed][/embed] Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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