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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Melinda' Takes Center Stage On This Week's Agents Of SHIELD

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/18/2015 7:42 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Melinda' Takes Center Stage On This Week's Agents Of SHIELD | Agents Of SHIELD
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Fresh from last week’s action-packed episode, Agents Of SHIELD returns to offer salvation for some cliffhangers and maybe leave us with some brand-new ones. Agent May is clearly the star here, as the episode is titled “Melinda”, and she seems to finally be getting the spotlight she deserves. It all kicks off with a flashback, which finds May and Garner planning to start a family during a beautiful morning together, before Coulson comes in and takes her out for a mission. With hints about forming a gang of people with special powers, the two meet with a team and prepare to go after a super-powered Russian lady, Eva Belyakov, with hope of quietly taking her with them or use the cavalry. The present finds Weaver and Bobbi trying to get information from May, but she manages to reveal nothing and get to lead her base, in order to get Coulson in peace. At the same time, Jiaying gets Skye to realise she can feel the natural vibrations of things and control them, with the latter successfully moving a mountain. Another flashback finds Coulson meeting Eva, but she doesn’t seem willing to cooperate and ends up leaving with some local bad guys. Skye finds out Jiaying has never trained special people before, while Bobbi tries to get May to understand her point of view. Back in the past, the people who have Eva demand to be left alone and SHIELD sends their own team after them. The present finds Gordon trying to train an unwilling Raina, before Lincoln interrupts and she talks with him about her nightmares and jealousy of Skye - a dream of her at dinner with her father. Over at Bahrain, Coulson and May end up left alone in the mission. Skye and Jiaying are in yet another training session, and just when things get intimate between the two, the whole truth comes out. Jiaying reveals she’s Skye’s mother and shares the whole story, trusting her daughter to keep her mouth shut about it for a while. May finds Simmons and the two chat about Theta Protocol, something Coulson didn’t tell them. We head back to the past; there’s a mess going on and Coulson decides to send May inside. She calls her husband and goes straight in, to find out lots of agents and people turned to puppets, crying out for “her pain”, before she locks them in a room and goes after Eva. In the present day, Simmons and May discuss Coulson’s secrets and Mack comes in. May now wants the scientist to open the toolbox, but that’s already gone with Fitz. Gordon convinces Raina to stay and explore the full potential of her gifts, while Jiaying tries to explain to Skye why their relationship should be kept a secret. She tells the story of Eva, the girl May is after in the past, who was in fact killed by Melinda, but it was her daughter that was causing most of the fuss. With a flashback playing over their chat, we see May killing both the mother and the girl in the mission, the events that caused her to lose herself. We get to see how the action left her devastated and unable to move on with her life, with a desk job now being her focus. Jiaying gets Skye to have dinner with her father and the three of them seem to be having a wonderful time, when Lincoln realises Raina’s dream from earlier came true and is actually more of a vision. Fitz manages to open the toolbox at some public restroom and the people following him are going kind of crazy. Thankfully, he makes contact with Hunter and Coulson, who prepare him to join them safely. And that’s all for now folks! Make sure to catch up with “Melinda” and don’t miss Agents Of SHIELD next week.

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