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Melissa Carcache Looks 'Every Witch Way' Towards The Future

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

07/30/2015 11:43 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Melissa Carcache Looks 'Every Witch Way' Towards The Future | Melissa Carcache
Media Courtesy of Credit: Lesley Bohm

While fans prepare to say a final farewell to Nickelodeon's hit show Every Witch Way as it ends after four seasons, Melissa Carcache who plays Lily is both looking back and looking forward. With exciting, yet to be announced plans in the pipeline, she agreed to this EXCLUSIVE interview with us!

PW: You’ve been acting since the age of five when you first appeared as a crow in your Kindergarten play. What was it about acting that made you fall in love with it?

M: It’s funny because since I could remember, I always wanted to be an actress. I really enjoy the process that goes into every role. Sometimes it’s simple and sometimes it’s more complex. I love to know why people do what they do and tell their story. 

PW: You’ve said in the past that your parents weren’t over-keen on you taking the acting career path when you were younger. Do you regret the fact they resisted until you were fourteen or do you think that, looking back, they did the right thing?

M: I believe they did the right thing.  Your youth is something you only have for a short period of time, and I think it’s important that all kids enjoy it to the fullest. Although I was very serious in making this a career, I still needed to slow down and just be a normal kid. It’s because of that decision I was able to enjoy my childhood. 

PW: How did attending acting school in Florida impact your ambitions and help you excel?

M: It really put everything into perspective. Every single student was serious about making acting their career. It was good to be around people who understood you and didn’t think you were totally crazy. The school helped me become a better actor and push me to my full potential. It was a great experience. 

PW: You moved to LA when you were eighteen. Weren’t you at all daunted by making such a move or did you realise by then it was something you HAD to do to help your career?

M: You know it is crazy because I always knew in the back of my head that I needed to move to LA to have the type of career I always wanted, but it literally just happened. After graduation I packed my bags and just left. I wasn’t nervous or scared, I just knew that what I was doing was the right thing. 

PW: Your sister Stephanie is a recording artist, have you ever considered making the move into music, or you happy as you are?

M: Oh no! I’m totally not a singer, but I will make it an exception for a musical.  

PW: You won the role of Lily on Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way two weeks after you auditioned. What memories do you have of the audition? Were you nervous?

M: I remember being nervous and excited. After reading the script, I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing show.

PW: What was it about the role that made you want it so badly?

M: I loved the story she had to tell. I loved that she was a powerless witch and had to navigate life-like a regular human, but the only thing that helped her excel at being a guardian, was her knowledge. I found that interesting and loved to see her deal with that throughout the series.

PW: You’ve said that Lily is very similar to you in terms of her quirkiness. How so exactly?

M: I feel Lily and I handle situations the same way. She always keeps it together, yet finds the humor in any dilemma she finds herself in.

PW: If you were a real witch, what sort of spells would you do and cast on people? Truth ones maybe?

M: Oh that would be great! Although the truth hurts, sometimes I still would like for people to be 100% honest with me all of the time. 

PW: Did the success of Sabrina The Teenage Witch have any impact on your desire to be a part of the show at all?

M: I actually grew up watching Sabrina. It is still one of my favorite shows, so being a part of EWW, where we get to touch on a similar topic to a new generation is exciting. 

PW: What do think it is about the show that has helped make it so popular with fans?

M: I think it’s the story and how everyone can identify themselves with at least one of our characters. 

PW: The shows’ final season has just started airing. Are you sad to know that viewers, as you have, are gearing up and preparing themselves to say goodbye?

M: Absolutely! The last week of shooting was hard on all of us. We could barely keep it together during our last table read. I’m going to miss everyone on the show so much. It’s hard to say goodbye. 

PW: Do you have any favorite episodes from the show and if so, which are they and why?

M: The monkey episode in Season 1 was my favorite episode to shoot! I had so much fun and Angela Fischer, our makeup artist, did just a great job transforming me into Monkey Lily.

PW: What will you miss most about working on the show?

M: I’m going to miss the family we have created over 4 seasons and my character, Lily. I’m going to miss playing her the most.

PW: You also do a lot of charity work and have a close association with the Miami Children’s Hospital. How important is it to you that you’re able to use your fame to help others and bring smiles to people’s faces?

M: It’s important to make a difference anyway you can and for me just hanging out with these kids inspire me. They are the most positive inspirational people I have ever met.

PW: What advice would you give to any young person considering a career in acting? What advice do you wish you had been given?

M: I like to share the advice my dad gave me and that is to never give up. It’s been said so many times but for me it was personal. I knew that if I kept going, I would still have a chance at making my dreams a reality. I believe true failure is if you stop chasing after your dreams. 

PW: You’ve mentioned recently that you’d love to get into the movies. If you could have starred in any film that’s been released, which would you choose and why?

M: Girl Interrupted hands down. It’s the first movie I saw that made me really want to be an actor.

PW: Finally then, with Every Witch Way soon to end, where do you go from here? Do you have any projects in the pipeline you can talk about or are you going to take a break for a while and see what happens?

M: I’m actually going to be doing something in the fashion world and I’m excited to share it with you guys very soon! 

Every Witch Way airs Mondays at 8PM on Nickelodeon!


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