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Television / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

Melissa McBride Talks 'The Walking Dead' Season Six Finale

Sammi Silber | PopWrapped Author

Sammi Silber

03/17/2016 8:55 am
PopWrapped | Television
Melissa McBride Talks 'The Walking Dead' Season Six Finale | Melissa McBride
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It's been a crazy sixth season of AMC's The Walking Dead, and on Sunday (March 13), everything came to a head for Carol. In the 13th episode, "The Same Boat," Carol is kidnapped by Negan's Saviors and appears to be in deep trouble.

Carol, along with Maggie, escape the Saviors' hideout, but while Carol is worried about getting out, Maggie wants to make sure the other Saviors are dead.

Carol's character has developed and grown a lot since the first season, and she has gone from abused wife to badass zombie slayer. This season, she has formed a new relationship with Tobin from Alexandria, and she has been through a lot.

To discuss her recent obstacles, Melissa McBride spoke with

The biggest takeaway from the interview was what McBride had to say about Carol and this feeling of guilt. She killed a little girl, but then picked up a cigarette. This caused the Internet to react in two very different ways: they cheered her on for killing the girl, but disagreed with her decision to pick up the cigarette.

"She could be punishing herself," McBride said of Carol smoking after killing the girl. "She's struggling a lot and she could be punishing herself from the inside out in a way. It could also be a form of escape to do something that's not her. There's several ways to look at it."

Guilt also arises when Carol decides to kill the Saviors, even though she doesn't. It is Maggie who wants to assure that all of them are dead, and when it comes to escaping the hideout, she has to murder all of them.

According to McBride, there are many factors as to why she is struggling with this guilt and battling herself internally. She has dealt with the death of so many, including Sam, her daughter Sophia and many others, so that might be what is driving her through this feeling of remorse and guilt after all of this killing.

"There's so much grey area and hesitation. She's been killing people with no hesitation at all," McBride told "I think that's part of the list, is going through and trying to remember each one, and 'How?' and 'Why?' and 'Did I have to do that?'"

You can check out the full interview on, where they did a great job and asked questions that really reveal a lot more about Carol's character.


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