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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Meme Is Murder" On This Week's 'Castle'

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

10/28/2014 7:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of CastleSpoilers
Cyber killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est? This week’s Castle explored today’s viral culture and the internet's over-share policies, which made me want to turn off social media for about twenty minutes after watching it. Let’s get to the murder(s) of the week, shall we? The Princess of Snapamatic (the Castle world’s Snapchat), Abby, is first introduced strutting around her apartment and taking selfies for her boyfriend, before she receives a message with a picture of her two seconds before hand. Ipso facto, a creep shows up to kill her. Let the mystery solving begin! Seriously, this episode made me rethink my social media presence... But in the end, my internet addiction won out. Anyhow, Castle and Beckett meet Lanie at the crime scene, who informs them Abby was stabbed in the carotid artery and bled out. Poor Abby. They talk to her boyfriend, Carlos, who tells us she had a huge following on social media and was trying to make it as a comedian so posted reviews of places on Snapamatic, which went viral. They meet up with an acupuncturist whom she gave a bad review to and who had hounded her for days before her death. He informs us that Abby had a stalker for the last month. As Castle rightly points out, if the death was by stabbing, and it was an acupuncturist, storytelling-wise it’s simply too convenient. Hello, first red herring of the episode. And then things turn darker. Someone posts pictures from the crime scene, with a caption saying “This star’s 15 seconds are up.” The Username is Netslayer. How ominous. So Castle and Beckett take a trip to the Snapamatic offices, where the founders wish to keep the murder from being associated with their app. How tactful. Beckett points out that it already is, and we discover that the Netslayer left a geotag, like an electronic footprint, behind him at a vintage furniture store. The owner is an ex-cop from the cyber crime division of the NYPD. Let’s meet our next suspect, shall we? So Garrett is an ex-cop for the cyber crime division and gets hauled into the precinct by Ryan and Esposito. It also turns out that a postcard found at the victim’s apartment with a threat on it was smudged with varnish from the store. Just when we think we have the guy (although, we know we don’t, because were only 20 minutes into the episode), Netslayer posts again. This time with a picture of Ryan and Espo bringing Garrett into custody with the caption: “Wrong suspect, NYPD. I’M STILL HERE.” We can already tell that the Netslayer is obnoxious by the over use of Caps lock, can’t we Castle-ites? He then leaves a clue for the Murder mystery gang: a picture of body parts, sausages and a date. It turns out it’s a bratwurst and an expiration date. Of course Castle, being Castle and wonderful with puns, works out that the clue means “Spoiled Brats” and refers to the spoiled brats on Snapamatic. Then we meet our next victim, the boyfriend of Tatatiana Fischer--a socialite on Snapamatic We have a serial killer, people. So the killer used a 3D printer to print keys from the houses to let himself in. It turns out that Abby, the first victim, used to rent out her apartment to strangers for extra cash and leave a key outside her building. One guy rented and never showed. We have our killer. His name is Adam Lane. He is an ex-cyber bullying victim who went too far. Finally, Castle and Beckett catch up with Adam—who began his vendetta after his mother died. We discover he has taken the founders of Snapamatic hostage and they're on a countdown clock which leads to the end of their lives. After questioning him (and seemingly getting irate, but really getting under his skin like only our girl can), Beckett wheedles it out of Adam Lane that he has them held hostage at the locker room where he was humiliated virally years before by a naked video of him being posted by a class mate. Ryan and Esposito get there just in time, and in true Castle style, don’t ask if it’s the red or blue wire, but just yank all the wires out. Adam Lane goes to jail and I turned off my phone for a good forty minutes. Other notables: Castle’s viral video is amazing and I am making it my ringtone. I would totally read Ryan’s blog, “The Ryan Report: Musings Of A Homicide Detective”, even though no one else seems to have done so. And lastly,  if "Hello, I'm Crichard Rastle. Raging Heat" hasn't been stuck in your head all day, I both pity and envy you. Let us know what you thought PopWrappers? Did the story *ahem* connect with you, or were did you think it was epic fail? Let us know in the comments below.

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